music is what feelings sound like


New Music | James Hersey – “Everyone’s Talking”

Austria’s James Hersey with his new piece “Everyone’s Talking”. A perfect example of a nicely structured electro pop piece that’s at the same time a ticket to a wild ride in the world of commercial music. Let’s hope that his future pieces are equally engaging.

New Music | Denver, Colorado – “Trams Of Gothenburg”

Second single from Denver, Colorado’s debut EP. A world that’s distorted yet so real that it hurts.

New Music | Crywolf – “Weight”

A voice to fall in love with, to fall in love to. LA still has some great amount of unique and independent musical talent and Crywolf is the perfect example, combining what’s powerful yet still vulnerable about his soul and giving us such beautiful songs.

New Music | Skin & Bones – “Lightless Star”

The loveliest sound for a gloomy, fruitful evening. Skin & Bones are the perfect blend of the lyrical decisiveness and melodies that cut straight to the chase.

New Music | moonweather – “Weathering”

A tune that belongs to a ballroom. Lovely, delicate piece from mystical trio moonweather.

New Music | Ross Henry – “Flux”


Ross Henry, aka the man behind the excellent piece that is “The Deep“, whose energy I love deeply and unconditionally, is now back with yet another brilliant tune. It’s equally entertaining and engaging, so with not much commentary, I’m just going to leave you with this Australian gem:

New Music | Joy Downer – “Caught In Your Spell”


A little bit more indie pop fun; the piece comes from Joy Downer’s Radio Dreamer EP, which you can listen to on SCloud.

New Music | Cajsa Siik – “Talk To Trees”


If every Swedish tune sounded like this and had equally easy-going, freeing vibe, I would move there tomorrow. Unfortunately, it’s only a dream of mine and it will stay a dream for ever. Fortunately, it makes artists like Cajsa Siik stand out, as they are shining even brighter when they release such enigmatic pieces.

New Music | Joel Ansett – “Give Our Hearts Some Weight”


This week’s almost over and it’s time to treat yourself with some heavenly folk – in this case, with mesmerising Joel Ansett. He actually has appreared here in the past with “Turn to Gold“. Today’s tune comes from his debut full-length The Nature of Us, which I cannot wait to listen to. Get some more info on that from his website.

New Music | Flood for the Famine – “Up in Smoke”


I fell in love with this track a while back, but it’s come up my queue just now. It’s a beautiful and heavily versatile introduction into Flood for the Famine’s sound, for the moments when all you need is a tune that makes you reassure yourself that music’s all that really matters (and in this case, “Up in Smoke” matters a lot).

Watch Now | Folly Tree – “My Emptiness”


New Music | Bernache – “Your Name”


Let Bernache keep you warm and cozy during the last cold evenings this winter. Just like this project’s description states, it’s a beautiful combination of what’s best in indie & lo-fi, which is a combination that can never go wrong when someone so gifted decides to go for it.