music is what feelings sound like


New Music | Jean-Michel Blais – “Roses”

Jean-Michel Blais presents “roses”, a funeral piece dedicated to his friend’s mother who died from cancer. It’s a beautiful, poignant instrumental filled with nostalgy and harmony; makes me think that life is so unpredictable and underappreciated, delicate and fragile. The track comes from Jean-Michel’s album Dans ma main, to be released May 11th.


New Music | BOKITO – “Love Gotten”

Addictive indie single from BOKITO. They slightly remind us of Everything Everything’s early days, just with an edgier and rock-ish approach (which is delightful). And if their personalities and plans for future releases are as captivating and cheerful as “Love Gotten”, I already know I will be putting their future pieces on repeat for days.

New Music | Tender Glue – “With You Here” + “You Are Tennessee”

Do you know what the best thing about having a music blog is? Seeing young, indie artists you love release new songs that you fall in love with the moment you hear them. That’s exactly how I’d describe my love for Tender Glue’s music – each piece of his is like discovering a completely new, exciting dimension full of excitement and joy.

Watch Now | Racquet – “Surface”

Unusually atmospheric visual for Racquet’s “Surface”. Get comfortable and enjoy the cinematic beauty of nature. The song comes from Artifacts EP.

Watch Now | Mendeleyev – “Pure”

Mendeleyev presents a music video for the song “Pure”; first track off debut album Juxtapositions, out April 8th. It’s a beautifully atmospheric track that will not only help you soothe your nerves after a stressful day or week but will also make you desire that upcoming full-length from Mendeleyev so much; it’s exactly what happened with me. April 8th, I don’t wanna wait no more!

New Music | Charlotte & Magon – “I Don’t Wanna Go”

Get ready for some melodic modern psych vibes – a tune that’s both uplifting and slightly worrying; simply because it can reveal all the emotions you’ve been trying to hide deep inside your soul for so long. “I Don’t Wanna Go” is the second single from Charlotte & Magon’s album Lyrical Miracle, out this week.

New Music | Courtney Marie Andrews – “Kindness of Strangers”

One of the freshest tunes from Courtney Marie Andrews. As always, her music makes you travel deep inside your thoughts and soul, and truly is a hard to decline offer of a better tomorrow – with even more amazing music of hers. It’s one of the tracks of off her upcoming album May Your Kindness Remain (March 23rd), and I already know it’s going to be a spectacular one, after so many amazing tunes released already (this one, this one, and this one, too).

New Music | Wild Child – “Sinking Ship”

Nice, atmospheric, dreamy. “Singing Ship” is a track filled with sadness, yet there’s so much hope in it, too. The song comes from Wild Child’s full-length Expectations, released this month – and highly, highly recommended by me personally.

New Music | Ivo Dimchev – “Rain”

One of the most intriguing and unique vocals of the past few months undoubtedly belongs to Ivo Dimchev. “Rain” is a uniquely theatrical yet catchy piece that opens a sea of possibilities for a new stylistic that definitely should emerge from this…

New Music | Jimmy – “Jimmy”

This really is something unique. Despite my inner resentment towards more theatrical songs, this one proves me wrong, and I’m so happy to be wrong this time. With his quirky confidence, Jimmy managed to create a song that’s not only catchy but also game-changing under some circumstances – and I hope this ends up as a movie soundtrack sooner than later.


Watch Now | Yehan Jehan – “Tired One / Light Speed”

“Tired One / Light Speed” is a track taken of off Yehan Jehan’s Expansions EP. Unusually smooth and atmospheric, it almost feels magical – and the visual itself can take you on a pretty exciting journey, too.

New Music | Tors – “Wilder Days”

“Wilder Days” by Tors. There’s not much thinking to be done here, this piece just makes me feel so good on a Sunday morning (and we’re talking 6am Sunday morning!), which sounds like the most precious miracle of my life. It’s inspiring! And I have a feeling that it also has that timeless indie vibe to it that will make listening to this in five years as exciting as today.