music is what feelings sound like


New Music | Tim Carr – “Take Me There”

The last time when I featured Tim Carr’s music here was in January of last year when his 2016 album The Last Day of Fighting was all I could think about. It’s so good to have him back – with more music and the same captivating, subtle energy. “Take Me There” is a track that makes you want to wander, explore the outside and your inner worlds. It comes from his upcoming Swing & Turn EP, coming this summer, and I already know it will be a must listen for me the moment it releases.


Watch Now | MOLLY – “No Soul Will Remember”

Let’s keep today’s tune dreamy, shall we? Thankfully, MOLLY makes it easy with the delicate sounds on “No Soul Will Remember”. The song is taken from their EP with the same title, which I think was out earlier this year. For me, this song a story of loss and happiness, of life and death, which digs a painfully realistic hole in my soul – use it wisely, but make sure to feel it all.

New Music | Upstairs Open – “Chicago”

Atmospheric and dreamy with a subtle cinematic vibe to it, “Chicago” by Upstairs Open is a tune to remember this summer. Perfect for your playlists and just those moments you want to remember for ever; highly recommended.

New Music | Ruby Throated – “I Try”

One of the most optimistic melody lines of this week belongs to Ruby Throated. “I Try” is the second single off of their debut EP, which already paints beautiful pictures of a release that’s nicely coherent and atmospheric yet not intrusive. A must listen for all the road trips and groovy weekends you’re planning this season.

New Music | Dear Japan – “Kushiro”


Dear Japan’s “Kushiro” is a perfect Saturday piece to get over all the worries of the week. The simplicity of this track is combined with ethereal and almost mystic vocals, which creates a truly engaging and captivating work of art. It is “the dream of silently leaving, departure, walking away from love”, the press release says, and I couldn’t agree more.

New Music | Georgia Greene – “Lonely for You”

Let’s finish off this day with a very sentimental and surprisingly hopeful piece from Georgia Greene. Even though the composition is locked in a very traditional frame, the songwriting and Georgia’s vocals make this piece sound unbelievably energetic and engaging. And even though loneliness in a relationship is something I would never wish for, this piece makes me want to suffer – just to identify with all the emotions… and this, ladies and gents, is how I spot a timeless musical piece that could potentially change my life.

New Music | Superheart – “Satellite”

I absolutely love when electronica meets with pure songwriting magic. As you may have already guessed, Superheart’s “Satellite” is one of those tracks, trakcs that introduce a very dreamy narrative to one’s life; with the freeing nature of this song that perfectly highlights how it makes me feel.

New Music | Kit Kazar – “Spell”

Fun and energetic, Kit Kazar’s “Spell” instantly puts me in a better mood, every single time I listen to it. The track, written and delivered entirely by Kazar, comes from The Sun Has Seen It All Pt. I EP, released in April.

New Music | Paper Hawk – “Written In The Lines”

Taken from Paper Hawk’s upcoming The Tide EP, “Written in the Lines” is the most magical first track that I could’ve come across from any upcoming act, ever. Atmospheric and painfully beautiful, it just gets you every time; the lyrics, its structure, depth – even if you’re not into this kind of music most of the time, suddenly, it all makes sense when this piece comes on, doesn’t it?

New Music | Grand Courriers – “Help For Myself”

I like comebacks just like this one. The first (and last!) time I featured Grand Courriers on here was three years ago when they had just released “Table Talk“. And it’s amazing to see how far they’ve come in terms of style evolution at the same time being able to keep up with their older tunes, making the new ones as engaging and captivating.

New Music | Westrin & Mowry – “Cold Rain”

Music rooted in the past isn’t something I usually go for when it comes to new releases. It doesn’t feel revolutionary or unique enough sometimes, and sometimes it just appears boring in comparison to all the modern genres and styles.
That’s why it’s even more special to me when I find a track like Westrin & Mowry’s “Cold Rain” that brings back the good old days with its warm and universal sound. It helps to refocus, reorganise, rethink. And a solid reset is something everyone needs once in a while, I guess I should call myself lucky for being able to do it with such cool tunes on my side.

New Music | Big Fox – “Sad Eyes”

This is the kind of tune that appears on your Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and after just one listen, you’re lost and in love with every aspect of it. Sadness and nostalgia filled with the purest form of hope possible; that’s how I’d describe how “Sad Eyes” makes me feel. But haven’t I just described life?