music is what feelings sound like


New Music | BJ Wilbanks – “I Can’t Help It”

BJ Wilbanks is releasing an album this upcoming week (April 28th, to be exact), and there couldn’t be a better moment than this lovely Saturday afternoon to listen to “I Can’t Help It” once more.

New Music | Brooke Bentham – “Heavy and Ephemeral”

These days, not many new tunes have that indisputable timelessness within them – this one is the most beautiful exception from that rule. Brooke Bentham’s voice is the best certainty a song could dream of (if songs were people, they’d be dreamers for sure anyway).

New Music | Joseph of Mercury – “Without Words”

Swing into this piece of modern renaissance sounds. Joseph of Mercury is without a doubt an artist one of a kind, and “Without Words” his greatest creation to date.

New Music | rei brown – “I Feel So Cold” + “Afraid”

Welcome to the magical world of rei brown. There is exactly one thing that I have about this piece – and it’s the fact that it could last longer, hugging me with its delicate instrumentation.
“I Feel So Cold” is a titled-track from an EP released Feb 24, and was followed by a lovely tune “Afraid”, which you can listen to below.

New Music | Maxx Marshall – “Horticulture”

A tune perfect for lazy afternoons and busy mornings. Maxx Marshall’s folksy and subtle sound is so charming that it’s perfect for any occasion, and even better for those small intimate performances that the world’s crazy about these days.

New Music | Bokeh – “I Know You Know”

I love it when an artist is not only delivering sound that can be described as authentic and unique, but also creates a whole new world as an addition to that. It is exactly what happens with Bokeh and the magical “I Know You Know”.

New Music | Odina – “Why’d You Make Me Cry”

The truth is, Odina’s music is perfect for any occasion; which was already proven before when “You Loved Me, You Killed Me” was released. Now the emotions intensify and the outcome is even better than expected.

New Music | Adam Melchor – “Brook Revisited” + “The Archer”

Smooth, folky singer-songwriter vibes for a better start of the day. Adam Melchor nicely blends the highs and lows of his voice in his piece “Brook Revisited”. The song comes from his debut The Archer EP – listen to the 2nd single from the release below.

New Music | Flora Cash – “The Bad Boys”

Flora Cash and their music are always a real treat for me; and even though this new piece may not be as sentimental, magical and timeless as, for example, “For Someone” was (and still is), it’s still pretty damn cool to see them grow musically.

New Music | James Hersey – “Everyone’s Talking”

Austria’s James Hersey with his new piece “Everyone’s Talking”. A perfect example of a nicely structured electro pop piece that’s at the same time a ticket to a wild ride in the world of commercial music. Let’s hope that his future pieces are equally engaging.

New Music | Denver, Colorado – “Trams Of Gothenburg”

Second single from Denver, Colorado’s debut EP. A world that’s distorted yet so real that it hurts.

New Music | Crywolf – “Weight”

A voice to fall in love with, to fall in love to. LA still has some great amount of unique and independent musical talent and Crywolf is the perfect example, combining what’s powerful yet still vulnerable about his soul and giving us such beautiful songs.