music is what feelings sound like


New Music | Sandtimer – “Loner”

It’s been a while – let’s welcome Sandtimer on the blog three years after their song “Different Seas” was featured here. Seems like they’re back with a new album releasing this year, and “Loner” is the latest single off of it, making me think it’s so good to have them back.


New Music | Black Light White Light – “California Love”

A little bit of psych never killed nobody, right? I actually think that if more bands of different backgrounds – Copenhagen, Denmark’s Black Light White Light being the best example – were into more psychedelic sounds, this world would be a better place. “California Love” is a complex and rich tune and has a vibe that’s just too good to be true.

New Music | Eleanor Nelly – “Polaroid”

Angelic vocals and a melody line that goes on smoothly and effortlessly. Everyone needs tunes like this – luckily, Eleanor Nelly is delivering exactly that with her simplistic yet captivating folk-infused track “Polaroid”.

New Music | Pastis – “Amazon”

I’m all about more energetic tracks on days like this, when the sun’s out and the hot weather is making my blood pressure going down – when coffee doesn’t work anymore, it’s Pastis and their tune “Amazon” helping me get through the day. I absolutely love the organised chaos delivered here, with alternative hints and magnetic vocal line.

New Music | Sami Simon – “Carry You With Me”

Here’s a track for those of you who prefer spending their Saturday mornings in a truly reflective mood. Whether it’s overthinking or just calming down after a week full of adventures, Sami Simon has got you covered with his atmospheric “Carry You With Me”.

New Music | The Caracals – “City Girl”

Let’s start this weekend with something lively, atmospheric, and engaging to the point that it can help you start this day with just the right energy. Because let’s face it, isn’t “City Girl” from The Caracals just so fucking cool?

New Music | Cathedrals – “Hits Me Like A Landslide”

It’s always great to hear something new from Cathedrals. With them it’s definitely more about the excitement of something new from an act you know and appreciate, but “Hits Me Like A Landslide” definitely proves itself to be a great track on its own. Atmospheric and catchy in a subtle yet confident way, it’s a perfect introduction to the sound of Cathedrals.

New Music | Lazyeyes – “Glass House”

“Glass House” by Lazyeyes proves to be one of the best put together shoegaze-y piece that I’ve heard in a while. Even though not as chaotic as I would usually go for when looking for this kind of sound, it makes a beautiful fit for this blog thanks to its organised and more delicate structure. It’s a multipurpose track and I absolutely love it about the sound of Brooklyn’s Lazyeyes.

The song comes from the band’s upcoming album Echoes, out this week – June 15th.

New Music | Are You Having Fun Yet – “High As A Concept”

In only all alt-pop releases could sound this heavenly… the world would be a better place, ruled by Norway’s Are You Having Yet and their dreamy, almost unreal approach to sound and reality. “High As A Concept” is a single off of AYHFY’s self-titled album, released last month. Give it a listen here.

New Music | Kate Renegade – “Theories of Forgetting”

Back in times when one would download music from LimeWire and when no one knew about streaming, I would never choose female artists over my favourite male singers and rock-ish bands.

Thankfully, those times are gone now, partly because of all the excellent female singers, songwriters and musicians just like Kate Renegade’s singer – her voice and her energy are what feels like a vital part of my musical taste and existence these days, and you know what’s even better than this track? Their album just came out today. It’s called New Unquiet Life and I need to go give it a listen now.

New Music | Coco Reilly – “Define You”

My kind of weekend track. The feminine energy hidden in this piece is magnetic, colourful, and a true surprise with its realistic yet magical approach to sound. Magic realism in its purest form.

New Music | Stuart Newman – “Dear Crazy”

“Dear Crazy” is a truly unique piece; atmospheric, emotional yet not overly exaggerated, it paints a beautiful picture in my soul. The track is Stuart Newman’s newest single, and I hope there will be an accompanying full-length or at least an EP to go with it – for those quiet moments when you don’t want the world to notice your existence.