music is what feelings sound like


Watch Now | Runabays – “Blink of an Eye”

I don’t normally do live videos; there is usually something in them that makes me think that they would be better off as demos for labels, not really a new music blog material. However, I’m happy to be proven wrong from time to time, today by Runabay’s charming and warm performance of “Blink of an Eye”.

Even though there could be more clarity in the sound or editing could be planned out to be smoother, I love it all and I take it all – as it is. Raw but still one of the purest pieces that welcome you to a beautiful world where sound and emotion collide to create something amazing.


New Music | Lyves – “Still”

Delicate and sensual as always, Lyves never dissapoints when it comes to those smooth tunes that leave you speechless. “Still” is an opening track from Lyves’ Eight Rooms project, a series of eight songs accompanied by short films.


New Music | Caroline Lazar – “Georgia”

The first single from Caroline Lazar’s upcoming EP. To be honest, I couldn’t force myself to go back to this tune ever since I listened to it for the first time a couple weeks or months ago. Was it the emotional value and baggage or the fact that it brings back all those things that one’s usually scared to face? Could be both but I’m sure I’m not the only one putting tunes aside for too long to then get completely lost in them. And now I can’t wait to give the full EP a listen.

New Music | Luke Krutzke and the High Tides – “Self Esteem”

A perfect track to start your week. I love how smoothly it delivers the sound, and there’s an important message that goes with it, too. The song is a reflection on self-preservation and care, in a fast-paced world that doesn’t always accommodate. “Self Esteem” is the newest track by Luke Krutzke & the High Tides, and can you believe it’s their debut, too? To me, it sounds as if they were releasing invasive, addictive and intense gems like this one under this name for ages – it’s great to hear that their style is already so sharp and confident.

New Music | Callum Pitt – “Away From the Rousing Parades”

I like imagining how alternative realities would look and feel like. I see colourful meadows and fluffy, precious moving slowly on the sky, and all that smells like freshly baked, home-made wholemeal bread with lime tree honey and butter. And you know what? That imaginary world of mine sounds very much like Callum Pitt’s “Away From the Rousing Parades” in my head.

New Music | Dogcatcher ft. Gift of Gab – “SRM”

One of Dogcatcher’s latest singles, featuring Gift of Gab. “SRM” is a beautifully careless mixture of great melodies and softish vocals that make me feel so at ease – even though it mentions “homelessness, personal struggle, and determination” as some of the most important life lessons that anyone can experience.

New Music | New Me – “Something Green”

Even though it starts with a vibe that I wasn’t sure about at first, the dynamic and energy of New Me’s “Something Green” has won my heart this morning. Lively and chaotic in the most amazing way, it’s beautifully branded and put together as well. I love the nonchalance of it, backed up by the structuring that makes me feel so complete as a listener.

New Music | Falaises – “Boy”

Here it is! Falaises and their track “Boy” that’s filled with magnetic darkness (it is surprisingly catchy, too!) in such effortless way. If this is the new way of delivering indie sounds to the world, I’m up for hearing this every single day.

Watch Now | Faults – “Should’ve Been”

Faults’ “Should’ve Been” is a track from their recently released debut self-titled EP. Chaotic in a beautifully organised way, it features some of the most charming and mysterious vocal parts, backed up by equally engaging instruments. Together, they create a world that’s not only atmospheric but also badass af.

New Music | Luke Sital-Singh – “Weight Of Love”

Luke Sital-Singh is, undoubtedly, one of my favourite artists of recent years. Every time I hear of some new pieces from him, I know I’m going to at least enjoy the way he makes his tracks appear so effortless and put together in a way that’s heavenly. “Weight Of Love” is no different; just listen to his voice carefully and try not to feel at ease.

Watch Now | Artificial Pleasure – “On A Saturday Night”

Visuals like this are the reason why I still choose to open YouTube from time to time. Isn’t it just beautiful to get lost in a music video completely? Especially when it’s accompanied by a song that’s so unique in its own structure and atmosphere. Artificial Pleasure must be doing something (or everything) right!

New Music | Sandtimer – “Loner”

It’s been a while – let’s welcome Sandtimer on the blog three years after their song “Different Seas” was featured here. Seems like they’re back with a new album releasing this year, and “Loner” is the latest single off of it, making me think it’s so good to have them back.