music is what feelings sound like


New Music | Cattle & Cane – “I’ve Been Silent”

Cattle & Cane’s 2017 album Mirrors is one amazing release (sitting on my Discogs wishlist of course; who wouldn’t want to have it on vinyl). Housing such catchy tunes like “7 Hours” or “Make Your Vision“, it’s also a place for a bit more reflection, which “I’ve Been Silent” represents so, so nicely. Check out the full record on Spotify.


New Music | Simen Mitlid – “I Don’t Care”

Simen Mitlid’s “I Don’t Care” is, indeed, a carefree representation of the loveliest folky indie. Together with some other catchy pieces, including my fave – “This Time“, it comes from his upcoming album Everything Is The Same, which will be released internationally on September 8.

New Music | Nadia Kazmi – “Gold Into Dust”

Let’s finish off this week with the most powerful dose of confidence, shall we? Nadia Kazmi strikes with a tune that’s both poetic and a bit rebellious in its nature, and I love it so. Hopefully, the energy will transfer onto tomorrow’s hell, Satan’s darkest place, a.k.a Monday. Make sure to listen to Nadia’s Gold Into Dust LP while drinking your morning coffee.

New Music | Mercy Weiss – “Another Number”

Written and produced by Christopher Pellnat, this piece shows off Mercy Weiss as the queen of smooth sounds and exotic influences. It’s easy to fall in love with the depth of her voice, but not easy to forget virtuoso skills behind this song.

New Music | FYOHNA – “Believe You”

Even though it’s on the more commercial spectrum of things, FYOHNA’s “Believe You” is a mesemerising and ear-catching tune even for those looking for some more original sounds. Strong and confident, it shows great skill as well as some hella amazing ideas – just look at the aesthetics. So not LA, but with strategies polished in a typical, the best LA way.

Watch Now | Golan – “Strong Faith”

One of the latest Golan tunes; atmospheric and visually perfect “Strong Faith”, where electronica is flirting with warm beats.

New Music | junior a – “Baseball”

You can never go wrong with junior a. Believe it or not, but I still listen to “Sleep Machine” on a daily basis, which happens to be the edgiest energizer that I’ve known in my life. This new one is the second single from his Great Things mixtape, which hopefully will be as mesmerizing as my beloved Born Busy.

New Music | Stu Larsen – “Going Back To Bowenville”

Known to have delicately plucked strings and vivid lyricism, “Going Back To Bowenville” is a pure and lovely return to contemporary, easy folksy tunes that we all love and desire. It comes from Stu Larsen’s album Resolutewhich I am oh-so-curious to listen to after publishing this here. Find me browsing through Spotify and YouTube looking for other gems from him then!

New Music | Kraków Loves Adana – “Beautiful Lie”

To those of you who listen to the same music as I do, Kraków Loves Adana shouldn’t be a new band. After their mesmerising tune “False Alarm” and following “Never Quite Right“, it’s time to start my obsession about some other KLA tunes. So here’s “Beautiful Lie”, released a couple of months ago but still strongly relevant and atmospheric. It comes from their Spotify-friendly 2017 album Call Yourself New.

New Music | Wy – “Bathrooms”

It’s sensual, colourful, and makes one reflect on life. To put it this way – wy is life. And “Bathrooms” was the first tune off of their (still upcoming, I guess) album, so if there’s more epicness to come from them, I’m down, you should be too.

New Music | Mayfly – “Losing You”

The edgier kind of electronica that everyone needs sometimes in their life – especially during moments of surrendering and despair. This one was the first tune released by this London’s artist as Mayfly. Hope there’s more to come.

New Music | Tusks – “Toronto”

Tusks doesn’t need to be introduced here anymore, I believe. If you don’t remember this sound, make sure to go back and listen to last year’s “Torn“. Keeping the T game strong and alive, “Toronto” is an atmospheric piece that captures the coolest emotions and sounds. Something worth remembering (and adding to your playlists, duh).