music is what feelings sound like


Watch Now | Men I Trust – “I Hope To Be Around”

Who doesn’t love them? Men I Trust have proven many times that they are, with no doubts, a band to look up for, one that will give you both inspiration and satisfaction. Atmospheric and even to some extent psychedelic, “I Hope To Be Around” is a perfect representation of their ethereal and unique style.


New Music | Thomas Reid – “I’ll Still Fall”

Some people have all the Dylanesque tunes out there. Meanwhile, I always long for that -esque, Buckley-esque to be exact, vocals and emotions. It’s the first and last thing that comes to my mind when I listen to this piece – delicate, full of pain, and sadness. Not sure how Thomas Reid will come up with an equally engaging follow-up single after a track like this, but I so hope he will. Full-length Fall out now.

New Music | Dustin Price – “Tomorrow”

Final track from Dustin Price’s debut Sleep It Off EP. A touching mixture of soft sounds and vivid emotions with rich and clear vocals; a perfect piece to get deep into Dustin’s music.

New Music | Novo Amor & Ed Tullett – “Terraform”

There’s never enough Novo Amor in my life, I had always thought. Now I know that one thing that I cannot live without is Novo Amor AND Ed Tullett combined; a duet that has appeared here before with their magnificent track “Silvery“. This new piece entitled “Terraform” comes from their upcoming album Heiress, out this month – what a month to be alive!

Watch Now | Steve Benjamins – “Purification Ritual”

Steve Benjamins’ single “Purification Ritual” is one badass tune. I think he’s achieved what many try to do with a song – the track is universal, catchy, yet still unusually nicely done and produced, making it appealing to both indie and commercial audiences. I think everyone can find a little something for them within this one that will speak to them, and move them.

Make sure to listen to Steve’s recently released tune “A Hammer Fell From the Sky“, a “companion” track to this lovely single.

New Music | Sam Valdez – “It’s Alright”

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems like Sam Valdez has just won my heart with her atmospheric and highly addictive track “It’s Alright”. This LA-based singer-songwriter delivers a sound that is charming, filled with warmth, feminine energy, and feels strongly promising – hopefully, there are more tunes like this to come.

New Music | Marvin Powell – “Wind Before The Train”

Marvin Powell’s “Wind Before The Train” is a nice, atmospheric, quick and easy piece, yet it delivers all the emotions that I am never able to find myself on a gloomy, rainy day – when all I dream of is a cup of tea and my own bed. It’s the titled track to his recently released EP, which you can stream on Spotify – and, hopefully, you’ll also be able to feel the warmth that I’m experiencing every time I listen to this piece.

New Music | BATTS – “Little White Lies”

Let’s go back to the past just a little bit and listen to this lively tune by BATTS. “Little White Lies” is a truly emotional and ethereal track that spreads its magic all around me every time I hear it; hopefully, there will be a full release soon with more gems from this Australian artist – which I will love dearly and unconditionally from the moment I hear news about them. It’s magical and I wish there was more of it for me to listen to.

New Music | Christen Kwame – “Amelia”

Beautifully developed and rich in its texture, debut solo single from London’s Christen Kwame. I hope there will be more equally coherent follow-up tracks that would hold onto the same level of intensity – and that would help create a beautiful EP or an engaging full-length album with the same vibe that’s presented here.

Watch Now | The Yada Yada Yadas – “Oceans”

Debut single from Durham’s group The Yada Yada Yadas. “Oceans” is a beautifully delivered, smoothly structured track with a visual inspired by 1969 movie Midnight Cowboy – which adds a whole new dimension to this song. Am I the only one hoping for this to become a reoccurring theme in their career?

New Music | Allegra Krieger – “Circles”

The stream of my favourite autumn tunes continues; this time with Allegra Krieger and her absolutely stunning piece “Circles”. This Brooklyn-based musician surely knows how to get one’s attention and how to keep it for a long, long time, using ethereal and unusual-sounding instrumentation as a catch; and I’m not even mad, I’d love to experience more of it, preferably in a form of a full-length album (which is a dream that came true this month, just listen to the record on Spotify), and preferably on vinyl.

New Music | Over the Trees – “Come Here”

Let’s start this beautiful, fall weekend with a little something from Over the Trees. “Come Here” is a track rich in texture, and nicely reflects my autumn moods; it’s peaceful, yet strong and self-conscious in its form. The song comes from their debut album From the Sidewalk, released earlier this year.