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Watch Now | Alice Jemima – ‘Liquorice’

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 16.25.27

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Watch Now | Hey Sholay – ‘Ribcage’

unnamedIs it my first blog entry in 2016? Well, at least it’s a good one.

Check out Hey Sholay and their brilliant piece ‘Ribcage’. The visual is pretty sick, the song is stuck in my head for good now. Try it:

Watch Now | Loose Buttons – ‘Thrill’

Zrzut ekranu 2015-10-20 o 21.44.12Really fun indie/alternative pop-rock (wow, what a combination) piece by NYC’s group Loose Buttons (I’m loving their name by the way!).

’Thrill’, as a song, is a pretty awesome piece itself, but together with that awesome VHS visual – insane! Brings back the amazing ’90s and early ‘00s vibes. Must listen + must watch.

Watch Now | Everything Everything – ‘No Reptiles’

Zrzut ekranu 2015-10-15 o 21.14.28Everything Everything have always had a special place reserved in my heart, and it’s not a surprise that I feel so proud seeing how far they’ve come and what they’ve achieved with their music.

I’ve seen them live twice or more already, and every time they were absolutely stunning. I still remember how excited I was listening to their debut album, and I’m speechless even now, still loving what they did on their second and third releases.

Experience how genius they are and watch + listen to their latest single ’No Reptiles. And it’s a self-directed visual, wow!

The band is also going on the biggest tour in their career, make sure to check out these dates below:

Sat 17 Oct Beacons Festival, Leeds
Sat 07 Nov Cardiff Great Hall
Sun 08 Nov Bexhill De la Warr Pavillion
Mon 09 Nov Portsmouth Pyramid
Wed 11 Nov Nottingham Rock City
Thu 12 Nov Glasgow ABC
Fri 13 Nov Newcastle Academy
Sat 14 Nov Birmingham Academy
Mon 16 Nov Sheffield Leadmill
Tue 17 Nov Cambridge Junction
Wed 18 Nov Bristol 02 Academy
Fri 20 Nov London Brixton Academy
Sat 21 Nov Manchester Apollo

Watch Now | Cape Cod ft. Constantine – ‘The One’

Zrzut ekranu 2015-07-28 o 11.50.21I’ve never been more excited about saying “yes” to pure electronica. Thank God I did that, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to hear such amazing tunes. And this is probably the first time in years that I have a chance to listen to something so amazing from Ukraine.

Listen to Cape Cod‘s extraordinary track ‘The One’, which – both musically and visually – is the purest, the best 90s house revival that I’ve heard and seen in months. This piece was recorded in a collaboration with Kiev-based singer Constantine, and there’s only one word to describe him: FABULOUS.

They definitely should work together as a duo, I’m loving their work so much.

Watch Now | Tiggs Da Author – ‘Georgia’

Zrzut ekranu 2015-07-25 o 21.23.19Wow – this track simply radiates sunshine and happiness.

Listen to Tiggs Da Author and his awesome piece ‘Georgia’ – it will give you so much energy and instantly make you smile!

Watch Now | Samm Henshaw – ‘Better’

Zrzut ekranu 2015-07-21 o 20.13.49Really impressive vocal-led masterpiece from London’s soul genius, Samm Henshaw.

Listen to ‘Better’ and watch the video for this addictive tune. You surely won’t regret it.

Watch Now | The Bohicas – ‘Swarm’

Zrzut ekranu 2015-07-20 o 19.55.01Rock’n’roll with structural elements of deadly amazing punk? To this day I would have never guessed that I’m all about that sound.

The Bohicas amazing tune ‘Swarm’ will be the most lively piece that you’ll hear today. There’s no place for being slow and lazy! Get up, listen to this gem, watch their brilliant video, and go out to do something crazy.

Their debut album is out on August 21st, make sure to hear it.

Watch Now | Sundara Karma – ‘Flame’

Zrzut ekranu 2015-07-16 o 22.20.24You may remember Sundara Karma from my previous posts featuring their tunes Waves’ and ‘The Night‘. Today the quartet is back with a video for their new single ‘Flame’ which is at the same time really impressive and engaging.

And the song? Brilliant, as always.

Watch Now | Flyte – ‘Closer Together’

Zrzut ekranu 2015-07-07 o 23.19.07Flyte are so damn awesome, and I want you all to feel this great, unforgettable vibe of their music.

Not being especially excited about any type of music videos and/or visuals (even though I should be, shhh), this one for ‘Closer Together’ doesn’t let me stop thinking about it. Here’s a quote from the band, summarising what’s going on there:

We wanted to make a portrait of the band living out a normal day. So our friend Katie Craik came round early one morning with a sack of disposable cameras and just snapped away until late that night. Will and Katie then cut the photographs to the music and there it was! A day in the life of Flyte. Special thanks to Kyra Wood and Johnny Seymour.

Watch and enjoy, and make sure to listen to their previous single ‘Light Me Up‘.

Watch Now: Thomston – ‘Collarbones’

Zrzut ekranu 2015-04-16 o 23.29.51You may remember Thomston. He appeared on the blog some time ago, with his beautiful track Grey‘. Now he released ‘Collarbone’, a really interesting, delicate song with a music video that could attract some serious amount of people. That’s what I wish will happen or is happening to Thomston.

This amazing tune comes from his Backbone EP, which you can stream on Spotify right now. It’s one addictive release!

Watch Now: Pim Stones – ‘We Have It All’

image-2I feel as if I was in a completely different dimension right now. Dimension, where artists like Pim Stones are treating us with their excellent, quality releases every single day. And where they don’t even have 1k likes on Facebook. But that’s the reality, which doesn’t seem real to me.

Listen to this gem and ask yourself — isn’t We Have It All’ one of the greatest debuts that you’ve heard in your entire life? It is! The greatest! It doesn’t only sound, but also looks good. It goes together with an excellent music video.

It is a titled-song taken from his upcoming EP. Believe me, this release will blow your mind. It certainly blew my mind, and all I think of now is — who the hell is responsible for this!? I want to meet them and marry them right now.

Now go and like his Facebook page. Follow him on Twitter. Do all these things, so he writes, records, and releases MORE.