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REVIEW | Jake McMullen – Always EP (2015)

Zrzut ekranu 2015-10-20 o 19.31.01Generally and unfortunately, I am no good with posting about albums, EPs, and other kinds of longer releases on here. It takes so much time to emotionally go through something, and I honestly cannot imagine not checking out the release 100s times before featuring it on the blog – that’s why I’d rather listen to a single, and albums are somehow forgotten within my blogging world.

In this case, something’s different. Always EP by Jake McMullen jus had to appear on QB, no matter what.

I clearly remember how impressed I was when I listened to the titled-track from Always for the very first time. It was magical, I blogged about it. And I remembered this tune to this day. Together with If I Go, these are the songs that defined Jake’s sound for me.

He perfectly captures all those peaceful, beautiful emotions, and I feel like I’ve just received an early birthday present – that’s how I feel about his newest EP. He’s managed to make a personal, almost private release, and I hope you’ll be more than happy to welcome his music into your home, just like I did – and it was the best thing that happened to me today.


REVIEW | Laminate Pet Animal – “Shed The Skin” EP (2015)

Zrzut ekranu 2015-08-07 o 18.30.1201 Once / 02 This Is Goodbye / 03 Because of You / 04 Cigarette Burns /
05 Once  (Krrum Remix) / 06 Architect / 07 Because of You (Lyndo Remix)

An EP for everyone, who wants a little bit more intelligent and ethereal electronica in their lives. For lovers of great post-production and unforced, natural, electronic flow.

The release starts with a tune, which actually may trick you into thinking that Laminate Pet Animal‘s EP is a subtle release — in fact, nothing could be further from the truth, but “Once” is definitely a great introduction to what’s going to happen to you next. It begins as a delicate piece and ends up giving you a solid dose of powerful sound, which is then spread around the whole release.

No. 2 helps the EP to open up like a beautiful flower, showing us its strengths, as well as weaker spots – however, also these are more intriguing and exciting than off-putting. Both “This Is Goodbye” and “Because of You” (which is a leading single from Shed The Skin) prove me right on that.

Besides two remixes (which are, by the way, really impressive, especially “Once” remixed by Krrum sounds heavenly to me), there are also two other tunes: “Cigarette Buns” and the bonus track, “Architect”. They stand out the most, giving this release a fresh feeling and being a great sneak peek of how the band may evolve in the future. Yes, I like this EP so much that I am already thinking about their next release.

Give it a listen yourself. Then you can purchase their Shed The Skin EP via iTunes or put your hands on the deluxe edition, which includes the bonus track.

Review | Henry Green – Slow EP (2015)

Zrzut ekranu 2015-06-10 o 20.36.57Henry Green dropped out an EP recently and it’s a freaking amazing release. On the 4-piece album you can find a range of sounds and emotions, from slower jams of the first single, ‘Slow’, spacey and reflective vibes of ‘Barcelona’ and ‘Holding On’, to heavenly and a little deathly feelings on ‘Do You Know’.

In general, this EP is very samey, but it’s a good thing — it creates an unusual atmosphere, just like The xx’s previous (unforgettable) releases, and I feel like Slow EP could have a similar impact on the listeners; at least that’s how it works in my case. Plus, a bit of melancholy is something always very welcome in my ears.

The EP was released June 1st and you can order it right here. Well, I was not planning on reviewing it, but it happened, the music led me to it; that means I must have deeply fallen in love with Green’s sound. I already bought it and I’m not ashamed to say that I can’t wait to sit on my porch today evening and listen to this masterpiece.

I wish I could go to the EP launch party in London – if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, go and tell Henry hi from me!

Album Review | Fyfe – Control (2015)

Fyfe_Control Album PackshotIf you know me, you also know how much I love and adore Fyfe and his timeless music.

I obviously couldn’t wait to listen to his brand new album Control, but luckily enough, it is out now and you can stream it in full on Fyfe’s Soundcloud page.

But how does this release really sound like? — Well, the answer is at the same time very easy and extremely complicated. The easy part is that it sounds like as if Heaven was brought to Earth, and the complicated one – I could tell you so much about how it makes me feel that I would need to release a novel about it. I am really annoying when it comes to artists that I am deeply in love with.

Control is a really diverse record, even though it is consistent from beginning to the end, and perfectly reflects Fyfe’s unique style. What surprised me the most was the unexpected expressiveness in the tune ’Holding On’, which should be at this stage a well-known feeling, but it seems like this album is so valuable, that even your favourite tune could possibly sound completely different to you.

Everything, from the cover to the titles, is a beautiful, chaotic perfection of sound. And we all know now that I will be putting this in my top five albums of 2015.

Do not wait any minute longer and experience it yourself. You can order this gem on iTunes, Amazon, Fnac, or via Rough Trade.

Also, make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and to visit his official site. Because why not? Come on, he’s a genius!

Album Review | Buxton – Half A Native (2015)


Buxton are releasing their brand new album today! Half A Native truly is a release worth listening to, and I recommend everyone to at least get to know their phenomenal style and pay attention to the fact how great their vibe is on this record.

Its opening track, ‘What I’d Do’, transfers me to the times of freedom and free love, almost as if I was a prom queen dancing with the boy of my dreams, sharing smiles and then also some illegal booze (I never ever knew I had this kind of visualisations in my head, you made me weak, Buxton).

But, happily, song no. 2 is not that dreamy and catastrophic for me. ‘Good As Gone’, kept in the same, a little bit reflective atmosphere, started stimulating my ears and my mind. The experience is definitively positive, and at this point I already knew I would like to hear it more than once.

The only thing on this album that may bother some people is the vocal — which tends to be nasal sometimes, and really characteristic, to this point that you might say you’ve got enough of it after couple of songs. But definitely unique and suitable for the record.

One of the loveliest moments on the album is the transition from the three first, a little bit melancholic tunes, to the titled-song, ’Half A Native’, which introduces us to more optimistic notes and more lively melody. It was a good decision to name the release after this gem, it stands out and is like a full moon amongst all those beautiful stars.

Other tracks worth mentioning are — released previously as singles — ‘Miss Catalina 1992’ and ‘Icebreaker’. Take a listen below.

This record strongly reminds me of the style that these days Arctic Monkeys present, just a little bit less modern, which is definitely a good thing in this case. Guitars are on point, and I think I’m going to consider buying this album actually (believe me, it’s a big thing nowadays with our digital age and with my student budget). This is such coherent and consistent album, and I love releases that tell us an intriguing, long story rather than bits and bobs of every little incident from the past five years of the author’s life.

Zrzut ekranu 2015-03-03 o 22.24.49

Quiet Quiet Band – ‘Battery Human’ + ‘Bunks’ (Low Noon Out March 9th)

coverA treat for anyone who just loves all those folky sounds. I surely do, and I feel like Quiet Quiet Band’s upcoming album Low Noon is just the release for me.

Unexpected, but delightful consistency of this album will make you feel like you’re reading the most interesting, dynamic story with a beautiful start to it, and equally intriguing happy ending. The power of this British quintet is hidden in the way they play with the instruments and, most importantly, vocals — making it a release to remember.

Listen to ’Battery Human’ and ’Bunks, two tracks off of the record — which will be out March 9th. And if you are in London on March 13th, make sure to check out their album launch, get tickets here.

January 2015 Album Releases

IMG_7394Of course I am late with this one. It’s definitely March by now, and I should be preparing my February releases post, but hey, at least I took my time listening to those featured right here. And there was plenty of amazing music to listen to!

Check out the ones that I completely loved, was hyped about, or just found extremely impressive and worth listening.

Howard – Religion

unnamed-2I started my month with the amazing band Howard and their phenomenal brand new album. I was so desperate to get it, that I had even pre-ordered a copy from PledgeMusic, and written a review, which doesn’t happen that often on my blog – but I know it should.
I was delighted by the delicacy of their sound on Religion, which is also an amazingly consistent, coherent, and multidimensional album. Whilst listening to it, you can cry, laugh, wonder what the hell is the meaning of life, or just sit back and relax. Just pay attention to the fact how good Howard’s new release makes you feel.
In conclusion, I still think this was my number one album in January, and it was such an amazing start to the new year full of music.

Björk – Vulnicura

Björk - VulnicuraThe best description of what happened in January with the unexpected early release of her brand new album is the sentence that I overheard somewhere, which simply said that Björk just had pulled a Beyoncé – with the difference that Vulnicura is a better reason to be happy about (I still think Bey’s one was also great tho).
This is a must listen not only for every Björk fan, but also for every music enthusiast in this world. This woman is a living legend and better do something about it yourself (aka listen to her exceptional talent) or you’ll regret it later on.

Panda Bear – Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper

Layout_11_A_FINAL_CorrAt first, I wasn’t really sure if I should include it in my favourite albums of January, because I didn’t really feel the vibe of this release. I felt like I haven’t had listened to it that much, and I decided to give it one last chance, and… something’s changed since then. I fell in love with everything – the album cover, the sound, even the tracks’ titles.

Benjamin Clementine – At Least For Now

benjamin clementine - at least for nowThis absofuckinlutely mesmerising release was the essence of my last few weeks. Being a music freak that I am, I sometimes grab a notepad and write down my thoughts while listening to the particular album – in this case, I wrote down 4 or 5 pages with nothing but words of admiration. Benjamin, as a self-taught musician, appears even more authentic in my eyes, and delights with the unusual tempo of his music. This rhythmically surprising and sophisticated album will suit everyone who seeks uniqueness in the releases that they listen to.

Belle & Sebastian – Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance

Belle & Sebastian - Girls (..)Again, even though B&S are really popular these days, and everyone seems to be so much into them, it’s still not the release that I would go for and spend 10 pounds or so on. But some invisible, unclear force makes me wanna go back to this album again and again, and by now I feel like I memorised the lyrics to the song ’Nobody’s Empire’ just perfectly. This has to mean something – and Girls In Peacetime definitely meant something for me after its release.

Man Without Country – Maximum Entropy

Man W:out Country - Maximum EntrophyMy first impression of this release was how beautifully aesthetic the cover looks like. Like all these covers for such great albums that are usually unsung, but deserve much more attention.
I also like the fact that – at least for me – Maximum Entropy guarantees a little bit more decisive sound that I usually tend to be choosing in terms of music, and then it goes to delicate, covering almost every sphere of vibrancy that I love. A definitive plus for the cool titles!

Låpsley – Understudy EP

Lapsley - Understudy EPLast but not least. Låpsley is Låpsley, and her music speaks for itself. Let this short sentence be the introduction to her career and my series of posts featuring her work, and at the same time the beautiful ending to my favourite January releases.

Album Review | Howard – Religion (2015)

unnamed-2Time to celebrate! One of the best January albums was released earlier this week! Can you guess which one? Could you guess without reading the title?

This musically consistent and gentle release hopefully will be with me physically really soon, and you should definitely make sure to order your copy as well, but for those of you who would like to check it out before purchasing, it also has been put on Spotify.

Howard’s Religion is a really consistent and coherent release, which surprises me with its delicate melodies, gentle vocals and smooth compositions that make me desire this kind of music so much now. It is so insanely addictive! Howard Feibusch’s voice is like a surgical dressing for my wounded soul — wounded by the dozens of bad songs that I listen to every day in order to bring here the best ones.

So, it’s just a quick reminder. Religion is out and waits for you to get to know it!