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Polish Music: Lee la Loa

IMG_7307Beautifully melodic, warm and delicate compositions with great guitars and excellent vocals.

Lee la Loa, a fascinating music project from Wroclaw, Poland, purely delights with its style and sound. The group has announced a release of their debut album, out October 2015, which after listening to these songs is automatically listed in my calendar as one of the most anticipated Polish releases of this year.

Listen to ’Million Thoughts’ and ’Purple Sky, and for more songs, go straight to their Soundcloud page – you won’t regret it.


Watch Now: Last Blush – “Stay Alive”

Zrzut ekranu 2014-10-12 o 13.29.34No matter how far I could be from my beautiful homeland, Polish music will always have a special place at the bottom of my heart. Especially when it’s this good, well produced, well written, and just so addictive.

Today Warsaw-based Last Blush and their mesmerizing single “Stay Alive” with its harmonic sound and consistent style joined my October faves.

Polish Music: KRÓL

1504090_754387551255343_146115668_nMy Polish Artists column was forgotten for too long now, hibernating under tons of new music, upcoming albums, and my summarised thoughts on announced releases. Everything was so short and so instant on here, making me feel like I should post more music and don’t write about it too much at the same time. It’s been seven long months since I wrote about Julia Marcell and her magical style, so it’s about time to bring back to life this lovely part of my blog.

I wanted to find something extremely amazing, breathtaking, mysterious for this very first post on Polish Artist in 2014. I think I found it.

Błażej Król is an artist that has been known for a while now due to his work in an electro-alternative band UL/KR. Unfortunately, the band split up and they’re planning on playing only few more gigs this year, but as I say every cloud has a silver lining, and now he’s making me proud and sentimental with his new solo project, named simply KRÓL. He already announced the release of his very first solo album, Nielot, and dropped out such an amazing song – “Szczenię”, that makes me greatly, greatly impressed.

I hope that there will be here someone who would like to get to know his present and past music work, even if it’s in Polish. To be honest, it was one of the biggest worries of mine, if you guys would actually like to hear some Polish language on the blog. But since it’s a big part of my life, my culture, my mentality, it’s worth the risk. Enjoy!

#38 BAND of the Week – Sorry Boys “The Sun” & “Phoenix”

sotwI’ve been asking myself the same stupid question for more than a week now – why haven’t I heard a single thing ABOUT this band before? Because the first thing that I noticed replaying their songs on YouTube was that I know these melodies and I can even sing along with the vocalist (that’s called a power of putting music in commercials and TV shows), but I couldn’t even name the track.

Sorry Boys is a surprisingly successful band from the capital of Poland, Warsaw. Their songs “The Sun” and “Phoenix” are two first official singles from their upcoming album. Original vocals combined with a huge drop of modern, electronic, but settled down music just needs to bring them luck and success.

They give me such a beautiful feeling whilst listening to their music. That’s really hard to describe but when you feel it, you know that you want it to stay with you forever. I do.

[PL] Julia Marcell

polish artists music julia mar cell

Today’s Saturday, and it means that there’s time for another Polish artist! This one is like a black pearl to me, beloved and so unique.
Julia Marcell was the first real artist in my music life. I remember days and nights spent on listening her virgin music, when she hasn’t released a single studio single yet. At that time, around 2006 and 2007 I believe, she was an active member of Sellaband. She needed money for her first album, and I had no doubts that she will get it.

Even though she was born and raised in Poland, Julia currently resides in Berlin.  After Storm EP, she dropped out two albums: It Might Like You (2008), thanks to Sellaband, and June (2011). Now she got more famous and even more talented! Unfortunately, the songs like “Twin Heart” are now only a good memories of her early years, hard to listen to on Soundcloud or even Spotify, but there’s no impossible thing for me when it comes to her Storm EP (which is still my favourite release from her)! Listen to her older and current tracks (from oldest to newest):

[MV] Kamp! – “Can’t You Wait”

kamp new studio single can't you wait music videoYou should know Kamp! very well from my previous post. I wrote that their debut album is so fucking worth waiting for, and I was right – they are still brilliant.
Let me present today their 3rd studio album, “Can’t You Wait”, and above all a music video for this song. You can see how’s life in Poland, and how the music is done. Familiar and decent.

New Music – XXANAXX “Broken Hope”

xxanaxx new song broken hope

Another song from the talented electronic duo XX▲N▲XX.
“Broken Hope”
 doesn’t really enrapture me as much as their previous piece, “Disappear”, did. I presented them to you earlier, together with my Polish series where their first single was playing first fiddle. But it doesn’t change the fact, that this is amazing and I hope in the future we’ll see (and hear) plenty of more great young artists!

[PL] – Fismoll

Another post on my Polish series! Since it gives me so much joy writing about my local musicians, I decided that it needs to spread, that’s why I’ll try to post something Polish at least once a week; just like my Inspirations series, or Song of the Week.

Fismoll+2Today we’ll take a closer look at… Fismoll! There’s not much about him written on the web, and talents like this one deserve much more, so I think he should definitely join this place and fill it with great energy! My blog planner is already full of my thoughts about him, that’s the perfect sign to finally put it here.
Fismoll is a young, talented and (what’s a big plus here) educated in music guy. His father was the one who noticed his love for music. From what I’ve read, when he was a little boy, he was constantly walking around, singing in a F-sharp minor (fis-moll means F-sharp minor), and after couple of years, when Fismoll finally decided to compose music, he chose it to be his stage name. How clever.

His music is light as a bird’s feather, it literally feels like listening to the most beautiful silence. He says that his songs contain both harmony & simplicity, and it is just like that. He could give us the best feeling and the best chill on Earth.

I’m really, really, reaaally looking forward to hear his music live – and I have to tell you how happy I am that this summer I’ll probably see him live not once, but two times! I’m jumping inside like a little girl!
His debut album “At Glade” will be out soon – June 11th; and now listen to his first single – “Let’s Play Birds” and some other covers that he recorded in the past:

[PL] New Music :: Peter J. Birch

Peter_Birch_okladce_Peter_6004411I found Peter J. Birch yesterday through some music site, and he instantly reminded me of the girl I used to write about on here – my beloved Diane Birch. I thought – maybe they’re related? And they’re both talented in this beautiful, magical way and I enjoy listening to their music. BUT when I realised (by just reading his bio) that he’s actually Polish, I knew I have to put his name on my blog!
Until today he has released two studio albums, and one of them, When The Sun’s Risin’ Over The Town, is quite new. Quite, just because I haven’t heard a single thing about it earlier and now I’m sad, because I could listen to this in January, and not just in June! What a waste of time for me!

[PL] Dawid Podsiadło, From Zero To My Music Hero

dawidpWhen I first started this blog, I promised myself that I’ll support my native, Polish artists as much as I can. I was quite proud of my posts about Kamp!, Gooral and XX▲N▲XX:

Now I’m more than happy to announce, that one of my ultimate hopes in Polish music has released recently his first studio album! And the song “Trójkąty i Kwadraty” (eng. “Triangles and Squares”) is his first official single.
Dawid Podsiadło was one of the contestants of the X Factor, and for the first time he didn’t even make it to the finals. For the second time, this year, he obviously won, and now we can be insanely happy about his debut CD, Comfort and Happiness. It is a very grown up material. We need these kind of songs, we need them so bad… And he gave us this – like it was nothing for him. Good to be young and that talented, right?
I hope some of you will enjoy listening to his music, even though Polish is not popular or easy to understand. I assure you, lyrics are as deep as music is.

1. And I (5:16)
2. !H.a.p.p.y! (3:28)
3. Nieznajomy (4:55)
4. Trójkąty i Kwadraty (4:03)
5. Elephant (4:21)
6. Vitane (4:02)
7. No (4:08)
8. I’m Searching (4:13)
9. Bridge (3:53)
10. No Part II (4:35)
11. Little Stranger (4:57)
12. S&T (4:01)

English version of his first studio single:

When the debut album is worth waiting for

coverKamp! is the next Polish band I would like to present to you, guys. This energetic electropop trio was created in 2007 and since then they’ve kept us waiting for their debut self-titled album, and it was way too long, but they didn’t waste our time. Releasing first album long time after they earned our respect and made us in love with them? That’s a pure madness, and I love madmans.

Last year they finally did it. Everyone was very suspicious about their intentions, but we also knew very well that they won’t disappoint us. The album was open to the public with the insanely addictive single called ‘Sulk’.

But there are also tracks we already know, like ‘Cairo‘ (released in 2011) or ‘Heats’ and ‘Distance Of The Modern Hearts’ (both 2010).
Well, I can’t tell more about their music, you have to hear it yourself, just because this it that kind of talent we shouldn’t be judging in words but in number of plays on iTunes.

If Skrillex was Polish, his name would be definitely GOORAL

Zrzut ekranu 2013-01-6 o 12.51.53I wish he was more famous. By this I mean I wish he had more fans, bigger audience, amazing shows all around this sick world. This kind of talent is a rarity and should be appreciated not only by the local audience. Some comments are shouting that Skrillex is just a bad copy of Gooral, and what should I say? That’s true. Sorry, Skrillex.

Gooral is a Polish independent artist, who with his finest precision mixes regular, electronic beats with just a few drops of folk and ethno music, creating the most exciting sound I could have ever dreamed of.

‘Pod Jaworem’ is one of the latest pieces, which is just an introduction to his 2013 album.

In the middle 90’s he fell in love with the electro music and it goes on continously until today. But his career has been rising since 2008, when he decided to go solo, releasing the sickest piece of passion, his first studio album called ‘Ethno Electro‘ in 2011.
My comparison to Skrillex, as I said, took from one of the YouTube comments, represents not only the quality of his work, but also the quality of the audience. No offense, but THIS is the audience that really thinks. Thinks of the music in a very intelectual and just a smart way. With Gooral you can both have drunk fun and appreciate his skills every other day.