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New Music | Emilie Mover – “Walkin’ Through”

Emilie Mover – that’s the name to remember this year. Make it permanent in your diary, notebook, calendar, decorate it with beautiful ornaments and delicate lines just like she decorates her songs and, therefore, our lives. “Walkin’ Through” feels exactly like that to me – as if I was the lucky one who just won the lottery and was let inside the most beautiful, angelic garden that human eyes can see. Have a listen:


New Music | Mendeleyev – “If I Can’t Be Free”

A tune that’s been rocking my whole world recently. Take your time to actually listen to this one and hear what the artist wants to say with it – “If I Can’t Be Free” is a beautiful piece taken off of Mendeleyev’s upcoming debut album Juxtapositions and a follow-up to my all-time favourite track of his, “Pure“.

New Music | Winter – “Zoey”

Is there something more beautiful than a great-sounding, aesthetically pleasing new music that you’ve just discovered by accident? I hope that one day this blog entry will happen to be that lucky accident for someone – Winter’s “Zoey” is just one of those tracks that you take with you anywhere you go to make memories (and mistakes!). And then, years or even decades after, you hear this again and suddenly, reliving your beautiful past isn’t so impossible.

Watch Now | Jeffrey Piton – “On My Own”

Turns out I dig The Lumineers as an influence for other artists’ work.

Just have a look at Montreal-based Jeffrey Piton’s mesmerising visual for the song “On My Own”. The video, which seems to be following all the current audiovisual trends that I absolutely love, reflects this track’s vibe just perfectly – from its colourful nature to the rich yet simplistic structure that makes it so unique. A timeless style that makes me want to get my hands on Jeffrey’s upcoming full-length right now (coming to our Spotify accounts and homes this Fall).

New Music | Kraków Loves Adana – “The Day The Internet Died”

Kraków Loves Adana strikes again! The truth is, no matter what style or direction they’d decide to choose, their dedication and way of pleasuring people with sound is so beautiful that I will go for it, anytime, anywhere. Luckily, they keep surprising me every time yet still keep that timeless vibe of their music – is Kraków Loves Adana even real at this point or are they the most beautiful dream I’ve had?

New Music | Sam Florian – “Color Noir”

A lovely indie piece by Swedish artist Sam Florian. “Color Noir” is a follow-up single to his debut one, “Days”, released earlier this year. However, this new track is so melodic and dynamic that it can speak for itself – make sure to give Sam a follow anywhere you can after hearing this gem.

New Music | Daggy Man – “Lovers On A Hospital Wing”

Even though I’m not particularly intrigued by the accompanying visual, I find this song beautiful and so rich in textures and structures. Thomas Calder a.k.a Daggy Man achieved something so rare and precious here – he managed to go through a series of emotions and feeling using such simple yet complex form. A tune to remember, that’s for sure.

Watch Now | boerd – “Blind”

Beautifully atmospheric tune from boerd. “Blind” seems to be a painfully realistic reflection of some of the darkest moments and days of your life, yet it’s still so engaging and magnetic, with a dynamic that’s rarely there, one would think, but it’s so mesmerising at the same time. The track comes from his new Mini-LP.

Watch Now | Royal Wood – “Something About You”

I don’t usually choose to feature this kind of videos on here – there has to be an exception to that once in a while, right? The truth is, “Something About You” is a truly charming piece filled with so much love and warmth; luckily it comes from an album which will be out in just two short days. Make sure to listen to Royal Wood’s Ever After The Farewell – out April 6th, 2018!

Watch Now | All the Luck in the World – “Contrails”

A perfect blend of nostalgia and timelessness; All the Luck in the World present a tune that’s the most honest summary of youth and happiness.

Watch Now | Halcyon Drive – “Silver Ray”

Amazing to have Halcyon Drive back on here! Previously, I was all about their tunes “Apart“, “Crusoe” and “Books For The Holidays” – now my heart beats for the newest one, “Silver Ray” and the visual that accompanies it.

Watch Now | The New Electric Sound – “The Chills”

A classic yet charming approach to creating indie pop/rock that never disappoints. Seems like The New Electric Sound have things figured out when it comes to that – just take a look at their visual and listen to “The Chills”. New album Tango out next week, April 3rd.