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New Music | Callum Pitt – “Rabbits”

Even though it’s my first time with Callum Pitt’s sound, I already know for future listening sessions that anything signed with this name will be ethereal and magical like a delicate cloud on a pink afternoon sky. “Rabbits” is equally close to nature as my description, and wakes up thing within my soul that I never knew existed. Give me a full-length!


Watch Now | Men I Trust – “Tailwhip”

Men I Trust’s “Tailwhip” is a perfect example that music is, in fact, very much visual and one cannot deny the importance of a great music video. Aesthetically pleasing and making all the visual hipster dreams alive, this is one of the coolest pieces I’ve seen this month.

New Music | Plàsi – People

Even though “People” doesn’t seem like the most catchy or energetic of new tunes from this week or month, there’s some kind of magic within it. Paired with virtuoso delicacy and soft touch that each and every note is serving us, it’s revealed to be a perfectly crafted song… especially for when you need to forget about the real world and just get lost in the one that Plàsi paints with sound here.

New Music | Novo Amor & Ed Tullett – “Silvery”

Novo Amor – this name always puts a huge smile on my face, gracefully delivering the most beautiful sounds out there. Just go back in time for a moment and listen to “Anchor” and “Callow“… This time with Ed Tullett, they create something that’s very hard to get out of, and it’s unusually tempting to just stay there forever, listening to tracks equally magical to “Silvery”.

New Music | Emmecosta – “A Mountain From Us”

It’s been a while since Emmecosta was featured on here; it was last year and the center of my attention was their tune piece “His Power Of Youth“. Now they’re back with a new one, equally engaging, which comes from their recently released Velour EP.

New Music | The New Spring – “Gershwin Wakes Up Singing”

There are no words to express my excitement about the Danish artist Bastian Kallesøe a.k.a The New Spring. His newest piece “Gershwin Wakes Up Singing” is not only a multidimensional, smoothly delivered, and just mesmerising song, but also a tangible example of how one could incorporate history and knowledge into music, in an innovative yet elegant and classic way. Gershwin would be proud if he could hear this; I bet he’d wish to have had written it himself.

Watch Now | The Franklin Electric – “Someone Just Like You”

March was so full of amazing releases and songs that were born out of love of life; I want to believe this one was one of them. Engaging and rich in texture, catchy and edgy yet nicely commercial – The Franklin Electric are winning at this game.

New Music | Josiah and the Bonnevilles – “Lie With Me”

Josiah and the Bonnevilles are one of those who’ll be responsible if I become a true wanderer one day. Don’t you just want to get in the car and drive across the country and the continent for hours, with no destination in mind? Listen to their new piece “Lie With Me” and, hopefully, you’ll feel what I’m experiencing right now. Debut album On Trial coming Fall 2017.

Watch Now | Blaenavon – “Alice Come Home”

Seems like I’ve been waiting for a perfect day to share this true gem. Today’s gloominess and what feels like rain that will never end are a beautiful base for such work of art. Makes one wish that they were in NYC, strolling carelessly, visiting all the magic places and people who make the city so meaningful. Check out their album That’s Your Lot right now.

New Music | Pale Honey – “Get These Things Out Of My Head”

New Pale Honey tune is one of those songs that seem both familiar and innovative to you; that deliver nice melody lines, still keeping everything super chill yet intensive. Being a track off of their new album (out Oct 13), it represents it so nicely that I truly cannot wait to have a moment to listen to that record from start to finish.

New Music | Marvin Powell – “Salt”

A little throwback to Marvin Powell’s lovely tune “Salt”, which is an opening piece of his 2017 EP with the same title. Nicely laid back and melodic, it’s a perfect transition piece for the changing seasons that we’re experiencing now; giving hope for the future, yet still reflecting on the beauty of the passing summer.

New Music | Wy – “You + I”

The story that I’m about to tell you now begins in November of last year, when the weather in London was shitty and the buses, all on diversion. That’s when I got to know Wy and the first piece signed with that name appeared on this blog (it was “I Don’t Pretend” and I still strongly recommend checking it out).
The one that I’m about to show you now is a continuation of my never-ending relationship with Wy’s music, but it’s even more exciting, because it comes from their freaking full-length album, out Oct 20, 2017. The coolest early birthday present I could wish for (you go, October kids!).