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New Music | Charlie And The Villas – “I’ll Wonder Again”

Even though released a while ago, Charlie And The Villas’ song “I’ll Wonder Again” still seems classic and timeless. I wish I was spending my summer sitting in London’s Hackney, listening to this one on repeat.

Watch Now | BRIKA – “Don’t Want Your Love”

BRIKA’s music is never a disappointment; always sleek and nicely edgy in its slightly commercial nature, her vocals are like honey to my ears. AND she shot the visual in Miami – life does not get better than that.

New Music | Melanie De Biasio – “Gold Junkies”

Classically trained mind with a rock’n’roll spirit. “Gold Junkies” is a source of all kinds of extreme emotions and comes from Melanie De Biasio’s upcoming album Lilies, out Oct 6th, 2017.

New Music | Great Profile – “True Blue”

“True Blue” comes from Great Profile’s album Stress Relief, which may as well be the coolest SoundCloud discovery of this month for me. Nicely edgy yet still welcoming, described as bedroom rock, it’s a perfect soundtrack for any day of the week.

New Music | Coastal Clouds – “Bottle of Sunshine”

A perfect piece to start your summer laziness with. Put on your floral floaty pants and relax; especially because Coastal Clouds’ new EP is out next week and there will be more tunes to make this chill mode last longer.

New Music | einarIndra – “Take Me Down”

“Take Me Down” is the newest track by Icelandic artist einarIndra. Sensual and spacious, his mix of smooth electronica is a perfect way to start a day.

Watch Now | Bat House – “Alright, Spaceboy”

It’s been a long, long time since I last fell in love with a visual. Music speaks to me in a clearer way, but it’s videos that give it the intriguing feeling to it; like free, added value that every listener wants.
“Alright, Spaceboy” comes from Bat House’s recent self-titled album, released in April and available on Spotify.

New Music | Living – “Glory”

“Glory” is a mesmerising tune by Norway’s band Living. The easiness with which they sing is contagious, and it’s a perfect Sunday afternoon piece that would help you take it easy… Make sure to check out their previous pieces, including my favourite, “Cerulean“. Such happy sounds.

New Music | Arum Rae – “Should I”

Beautiful, ethereal piece, a perfect soundtrack for your beginnings and your lazy mornings. Available on Spotify (thank god), already on my Favourites playlist – such vocals should be listened to during both all happy occasions and moments of despair.

New Music | Lauren Ruth Ward – “Did I Offend You?” + “Blue Collar Sex Kitten”

I have a feeling that Lauren Ruth Ward will be the ultimate multidimensional indie superstar (she can find herself in so many different genres, seems like this voice fits all the styles). And her two recent pieces are the best proof of that. Just listen to “Did I Offend You?”, followed by the newest tune “Blue Collar Sex Kitten”.

New Music | Lizzie Kent – “Secrets”

Another beautiful piece from the warm, atmospheric songs club. “Secrets” comes from Lizzie Kent’s self-titled EP, released last year and available to listen on Soundcloud.

New Music | MagicHour – “All Rivers Flow to the Ocean”

A solid portion of dreamlike folk from UK-based artist MagicHour. The tune will sound beautiful whether you have some emotional baggage to deal with, or not. The warmth and depth of it are so haunting and magical that everyone will get lost in it, at least for a moment.