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New Music | Niki Moss – “There Must Be Something In The Water”

The freshest sounds straight from beautiful Portugal. Niki Moss’ sound is a blend of instrumental tricks and energy that’s the essence of psych-infused indie these days; it’s absolutely amazing and a true privilege to be starting the week with this track!


New Music | Emily Brown – “Who Can Say”

Oh, how I love Emily Brown and the mood that she sets with her vocals. This one in particular – it was the first track off of her latest album that I got to hear, which made me fall in love with her instantly. The song comes from Emily’s Bee Eater full-length, and if that’s not the coolest LP name ever, I don’t know what is. Stream it on Spotify with me now!

Watch Now | Tender Glue – “Rudy”

Tender Glue just released his Closet Leftovers album last week, which made me look back at his tracks and rediscover no. 1 track from that full-length, “Rudy”. Followed by eight other stunning tracks, including the excellent “With You Here”, it’s a beautiful opening piece and one that just stays in your head for a long time.

Closet Leftovers may not be perfect and polished, he states on his channels – but it certainly is one of the most laid back and groovy releases of recent weeks, and already a strong favourite of mine this fall.

New Music | The Astronots – “How Much Pain”

Just when I thought the world would get all grey and gloomy with autumn approaching us, The Astronots stepped in with “How Much Pain”. It is a colourful tune not only when it comes to this artwork that makes me like yellow just a bit more, but also how nicely layered with vocals and instruments the track is.

Watch Now | Mylk – “I Want You”

For me, there’s only one thing that makes a more comedic music video worth watching – a great, engaging track song comes with it. Mylk seems to have it all figured out with “I Want You”; and it’s the intensity of the vocals on that track that really won my heart. Besides, they have a logo (pictured above) that’s simply too cute not to share it!

“I Want You” can also be streamed on Spotify here. It is a follow up to Full Cream, which is a double single/EP featuring “Internet Cafe” and “Your Name” – make sure to give them a listen!

New Music | Perlo – “Front Lights”

Delicate, atmospheric… it’s just the kind of tune I always fall for. And on top of that, it’s filled with so much love and sentiment. “Front Lights” comes from Perlo’s Day by Day EP, available everywhere (probably), including Spotify.

Watch Now | Hero Fisher – “If I Die And Nothing Happens”

Hero Fisher’s “If I Die And Nothing Happens” is one of those tunes that even though they can feel a bit ‘meh’ at the beginning, they turn out to be unusually captivating and addictive ones you get to know them better. This is the kind of sound (and vocals!) that the world needs but not always deserves or appreciates.

New Music | Michael French – “Blossom”

Even though I should be looking forward to all the Fall releases that are ahead of us, I choose to go back to give one more listen to all the great tunes that I feel like haven’t received enough love from me yet. “Blossom” is one of them – and I guarantee it will feel equally amazing now just like it did earlier in the year; Michael’s voice proves to be perfect for any moment!

Watch Now | Angus & Julia Stone – “Nothing Else”

I love when tunes get back to me – I used to be so obsessed with this one back in June when this video came out, and I’m back on it now. It’s just beautifully ethereal and atmospheric, perfect for this in-between time when we have to prepare for says getting longer, shorter, and colder.

New Music | Riike Mo – “Leaves Don’t Lie”

Yes, yes, and… yes. One of the artists-who-never-disappoint, Riike Mo releases “Leaves Don’t Lie” and I don’t remember a moment when I was this satisfied with a new tune from an act that I know and love. Even Father John Misty makes me feel a bit uncertain about some of his new tracks – which, frankly, hasn’t happened with Riike Mo’s music just yet. And at this point, I think it never will! This is just a fantastic track!

Watch Now | Jordan Lovelis – “Hey Dianne”

Not being a fan of using vintage footage for music video purposes, I must say I absolutely adore what Jordan Lovelis did with the visual for “Hey Dianne”. Timeless and filled with love in the purest form, it highlights the softness of the track in the most beautiful way. Who else would love to get their hands on Jordan’s full length in this very moment?… or is it just me always falling in love with new acts that I come across? Love at first listen is what this is!

New Music | Jalen N’Gonda – “Don’t You Remember”

Getting to know and then being able to listen to pieces like Jalen N’Gonda’s “Don’t You Remember” always makes me feel so lucky. An unlimited number of great tracks to discover that this world has to offer can be overwhelming and stressful at the same time, but it does go away occasionally when you find a gem like this one… and then, after a short while, the hunt for new sounds resumes, but for that little while, there isn’t a place more beautiful than just being present, accompanied by tracks like this one.