music is what feelings sound like


Watch Now | Hero Fisher – “If I Die And Nothing Happens”

Hero Fisher’s “If I Die And Nothing Happens” is one of those tunes that even though they can feel a bit ‘meh’ at the beginning, they turn out to be unusually captivating and addictive ones you get to know them better. This is the kind of sound (and vocals!) that the world needs but not always deserves or appreciates.


New Music | Michael French – “Blossom”

Even though I should be looking forward to all the Fall releases that are ahead of us, I choose to go back to give one more listen to all the great tunes that I feel like haven’t received enough love from me yet. “Blossom” is one of them – and I guarantee it will feel equally amazing now just like it did earlier in the year; Michael’s voice proves to be perfect for any moment!

Watch Now | Angus & Julia Stone – “Nothing Else”

I love when tunes get back to me – I used to be so obsessed with this one back in June when this video came out, and I’m back on it now. It’s just beautifully ethereal and atmospheric, perfect for this in-between time when we have to prepare for says getting longer, shorter, and colder.