music is what feelings sound like


New Music | Falaises – “Boy”

Here it is! Falaises and their track “Boy” that’s filled with magnetic darkness (it is surprisingly catchy, too!) in such effortless way. If this is the new way of delivering indie sounds to the world, I’m up for hearing this every single day.


Watch Now | Faults – “Should’ve Been”

Faults’ “Should’ve Been” is a track from their recently released debut self-titled EP. Chaotic in a beautifully organised way, it features some of the most charming and mysterious vocal parts, backed up by equally engaging instruments. Together, they create a world that’s not only atmospheric but also badass af.

New Music | Luke Sital-Singh – “Weight Of Love”

Luke Sital-Singh is, undoubtedly, one of my favourite artists of recent years. Every time I hear of some new pieces from him, I know I’m going to at least enjoy the way he makes his tracks appear so effortless and put together in a way that’s heavenly. “Weight Of Love” is no different; just listen to his voice carefully and try not to feel at ease.

Watch Now | Artificial Pleasure – “On A Saturday Night”

Visuals like this are the reason why I still choose to open YouTube from time to time. Isn’t it just beautiful to get lost in a music video completely? Especially when it’s accompanied by a song that’s so unique in its own structure and atmosphere. Artificial Pleasure must be doing something (or everything) right!