New Music | Maggie Rogers – “Dog Years”

by music is what feelings sound like

14947816_1133090293443247_6831125218628738086_nYou may know Maggie Rogers already. Well, you should definitely know this talented girl from her fascinating piece “Alaska“, which was released not that long ago, but has already become one of the best ambitious pop tunes of this fall. “Dog Years”, being a perfect follow-up to that, is showing me her more sensitive side, being a true charm, as I am falling in love with her voice even more.

“Dog Years is about a day I skipped class to stay in bed and make frozen pizza with a boy I loved.
Dog Years is about dance parties in the kitchen.
Dog Years is about chocolate milk and the Tompkins Square dog park. 
Dog Years is about a thank you note. 

Dog Years is about change, about loving and leaving and still loving, about trusting yourself, about trusting the universe, about being a good friend and never having enough time.”