#5 Highlight of the Week

by music is what feelings sound like


My fifth (wow, time flies so fast) weekly playlist may be a little shorter than usual, but consists exclusively of the tunes that I was completely in love with this past week.

From tunes with 60 listens on Soundcloud, to the big ones with more than 17K, it’s always about the variety and the best music out there. Starting with Geowulf‘s “Saltwater”, which is a song that opened last week on the blog and the energetic and lively “Falling Forward” by Castlebeat, through more sentimental tunes like Fether‘s “Those Words”, Peridot‘s “Tightrope” and Dan Owen‘s amazing “Made to Love”, ending with Kishi Bashi‘s “Hey Big Star” (such positive tune) and my ultimate favourite, the one that completely won my heart – “Leadlight” by Julia Jacklin. I could listen to this song every day for the rest of my life, it felt like. Now I wouldn’t agree, just because I would miss other spectacular tunes out there, but… it certainly WAS a track to die for at one point. A true anthem.

And that last piece is 100% worth going through all the tracks on this playlist, even if you’re not into every one of them individually: