#3 Highlight of the Week

by music is what feelings sound like

3.highlightTime flies so fast! But, luckily, every week there’s more and more amazing new tunes to listen to. This week felt like the most precious invasion of Canadian and Australian artists, including the magnificent BEL (congrats for appearing on Australian Spotify’s New Music Weekly playlist!), mallrat – appearing in my highlight for the second time, Michael Powell with his revolutionary piece “My Saviour,” and Charlotte Day Wilson with powerful “Find You”.

However, my two favourite pieces from this playlists are SYML‘s dramatic and heartwarming “Where’s My Love” and the BEST artist that I’ve discovered this week, Aldous Harding with “Stop Your Tears” – but I encourage you to listen to her full self-titled EP, available on Spotify, because it’s brilliant, gives me goosebumps, and is already featured as number one on my private playlist of tracks to die for. She will be playing in London next Saturday, check out Visions Festival that will take place in Hackney.

Oh! And guess who’s back. Isn’t it nice to have something fresh from Dog Orchestra to listen to?

What a spectacular week! Just take a listen: