#2 Highlight of the Week

by music is what feelings sound like


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Another week is over! There’s nothing else left to do but to sit and reflect on all the amazing music we’ve been listening to for the part 7 days. Here’s my 7 days in a form of a playlist.

What you can here is a mixture of sounds both happy and melancholic. The first group is strongly represented by Switzerland’s band Antipods, whose song “Animal” reminds me of Everything Everything and brings back all the good memories. On the melancholic and even more beautiful side we have the amazing Linying. “Alpine” is just the tune that we’ve all been waiting for to hear from her.

There’s Jaunt, who’s been previously featured on here. They released a new EP and I wanted to remind everyone about it with their cute song “I Did Call You Twice”.

Oh! And Racing Glaciers. They are here for two reasons: simply because they are Racing Glaciers, AND because “Patient Man” rocks my world. To be completely honest, one would need to find a lot of patience to appreciate this piece fully. But if you can achieve that, and I definitely have, you’ll be ecstatic. Plus, their debut album will be out soon.

BUT my number one this week is Charlotte Cardin with “Dirty Dirty”. I haven’t heard such a powerful tune for a while now, so powerful that it made me speechless. The truth is, I only got to know about it this morning, so the statement is clear: it’s great and deserves to close this week’s highlight. Take a listen below: