#1 Highlight of the Week

by music is what feelings sound like

1.highlightSurprise surprise! The amount of music that I’ve been listening to and featuring here lately made me come up with something that would save you a lot of time when trying to discover new music.
Instead of going through the blog, page after page, listening to every tune, you can now click “Play” just once and enjoy a lovely playlist full of my favourite tunes from the week.

* * *

What is not and has never been a huge surprise, this week’s playlist is strongly represented (dominated even?) by Australian artists, two of which are my definitive favourites – Mallrat and Ross Henry (this guy tho!).

Another huge eye-opener that closes this week’s highlight was Sub Pop’s Morgan Delt with his a bit unusual, but beautifully psych sound – an artist, whose music I’m going to fall in love with even more in the next weeks, I feel like. He’s releasing a new album next month and I cannot wait for that.

Other than that, there are more amazing debuts, and bands that you may not have heard of. Take some time and get to know them all: