TRADIIO: Music App That You Really Need in Your Life Right Now

by music is what feelings sound like

Tradiio-intro-2If you’re like me, fascinated by everything related to art + music, and either listening to new albums or attending gigs every single day of your life, you’ll love this.

With TRADIIO you have an exclusive opportunity to help out artists that you love and listen to. And now with the new version of their app, it’s even more exciting:

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To celebrate the launch of new features, they’re organising a 5-day festival, streaming live at Tune in tonight and tomorrow 10pm GMT+1 for two last performances of We Bless This Mess and Young Troubled Minds.

It is happening! For real! Set up your account by signing up on Tradiio and become a part of a unique music community, where you’re not just a passive listener. I’ve tried it myself; it’s addicting, and what’s even better – you can easily spot some real gems among artists on Tradiio.

I’ll be featuring some of them on the blog, starting from this month. There are some extremely talented and inspirational musicians that I’ve met through Tradiio, so make sure to check out those interviews!