REVIEW | Laminate Pet Animal – “Shed The Skin” EP (2015)

by music is what feelings sound like

Zrzut ekranu 2015-08-07 o 18.30.1201 Once / 02 This Is Goodbye / 03 Because of You / 04 Cigarette Burns /
05 Once  (Krrum Remix) / 06 Architect / 07 Because of You (Lyndo Remix)

An EP for everyone, who wants a little bit more intelligent and ethereal electronica in their lives. For lovers of great post-production and unforced, natural, electronic flow.

The release starts with a tune, which actually may trick you into thinking that Laminate Pet Animal‘s EP is a subtle release — in fact, nothing could be further from the truth, but “Once” is definitely a great introduction to what’s going to happen to you next. It begins as a delicate piece and ends up giving you a solid dose of powerful sound, which is then spread around the whole release.

No. 2 helps the EP to open up like a beautiful flower, showing us its strengths, as well as weaker spots – however, also these are more intriguing and exciting than off-putting. Both “This Is Goodbye” and “Because of You” (which is a leading single from Shed The Skin) prove me right on that.

Besides two remixes (which are, by the way, really impressive, especially “Once” remixed by Krrum sounds heavenly to me), there are also two other tunes: “Cigarette Buns” and the bonus track, “Architect”. They stand out the most, giving this release a fresh feeling and being a great sneak peek of how the band may evolve in the future. Yes, I like this EP so much that I am already thinking about their next release.

Give it a listen yourself. Then you can purchase their Shed The Skin EP via iTunes or put your hands on the deluxe edition, which includes the bonus track.