The Sound of Sinnbus

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sinnbus Welcome to the new series on the site, where I will try to take you on an exciting musical journey to get to know some of the most exciting indie record labels (if you work for one or know some that you think would be great for me to feature, drop me an email!). I hope that this will be as interesting for you to read + listen to as it is for me to create. Honestly, research never has been so nice.

First of (I hope) many The Sound of… posts is devoted to the German label Sinnbus.

This Berlin-based record company was founded in 2003. The very first release in the history of Sinnbus was SDNMT‘s debut album Wasserluft. This band was such an amazing beginning for the label, which currently represents the indie scene of Germany full of genres like post-rock, post-punk, indie, and electronica.

Let me introduce some of my personal favourites to you, as well as couple of acts currently recommended by the label itself, and their upcoming or newest releases. Unfortunately, there are no acts writing and singing in German, which I am especially sad about.

For more music and updates on their artists, visit Sinnbus’ official page and Facebook.


THE/DAS | Facebook

After getting to know all these artists as much as I could, this duo is my favourite from the list. Germany’s very own electronic gem that with ease combines what’s best in techno and soul, spicing everything up with the unforgettable atmosphere of today’s artistic scene of Berlin. Both songs as seen below come from their released last year latest album Freezer.


HUNDREDS | Facebook

Atmospheric and really engaging sibling duo, whose music is complex and extremely well produced (that’s a typical national German thing, they’re all perfect in post-production). The tune ‘Grab the Sunset’ comes from their Tame The Noise EP, which is one quality release and was dropped out this June.


WE ARE THE CITY | Facebook

Canadian trio that releases their music through Sinnbus. Full of optimistic melodies and realistic lyrics; this band has also that “Owl City factor” that I do not necessarily like, but in their case it’s quite charming, and everything works together just great. I won’t be wrong if I say that they create a very intimate atmosphere and bring their listeners on a journey with them, which is an addictive thing to experience – and you can definitely experience it listening to ‘Friends Hurt’.



Miss Kenichi is the moniker of Katrin Hahner, Berlin-based artist, who creates magical music full of darker, experimental melodies, which are at the same time complex and engaging. She just released her The Trail EP on July 10th, a follow-up to her longplay with the same title that came out last November. Trails everywhere.



Last but not least, a Norwegian act that’s been recently on tour with their latest album Politricks, which saw the light of the day in fall 2014. Sounds very European-indie, which is definitely something that I often look for in music; it just gives you that lovely, warm feeling inside.