Watch Now | Plastic Flowers – ‘Lucy’

by music is what feelings sound like

Zrzut ekranu 2015-07-14 o 22.27.20Absolutely stunning single ‘Lucy’ and a beautifully realistic music video from the London-based group Plastic Flowers.

The only thing I can objectively say about this is that if you were one of those people, who -years ago, as teenagers- were fascinated by Skins and the nasty side of life as British teenager, this band’s style will 100% suit you – at least this visual. Well, that wasn’t objectively said at all, since it brought a lot of good memories to me; but I definitely like me some Skins vibes with a modern, glam, dream pop approach to it – and this time it was Plastic Flowers that gave me exactly what I need.

This piece comes from the group’s recently released Summer of 1992 EP, which you can stream below from their Bandcamp profile.