New Music | Fronteers – ‘Youth’

by music is what feelings sound like

Zrzut ekranu 2015-07-09 o 09.57.01This single by Fronteers is way better than 95% of the music that gets on top of the charts every single week. And it’s a debut! Can you imagine having such powerful and extraordinary debut single?! And they’re 19-year-olds! And I love it!

‘Youth’  is not a genius composition, but genius compositions are hard to spot anyway these days. But at the same time it’s so lively, summery, and reminds me of The Kooks when they were young and their music hot, but with an extra touch of awesomeness. If The Kooks and Jake Bugg had a baby, it would definitely sound like Fronteers.

It’s good to see the revival of the indie rock-ish side of British music.