Watch Now | Flyte – ‘Closer Together’

by music is what feelings sound like

Zrzut ekranu 2015-07-07 o 23.19.07Flyte are so damn awesome, and I want you all to feel this great, unforgettable vibe of their music.

Not being especially excited about any type of music videos and/or visuals (even though I should be, shhh), this one for ‘Closer Together’ doesn’t let me stop thinking about it. Here’s a quote from the band, summarising what’s going on there:

We wanted to make a portrait of the band living out a normal day. So our friend Katie Craik came round early one morning with a sack of disposable cameras and just snapped away until late that night. Will and Katie then cut the photographs to the music and there it was! A day in the life of Flyte. Special thanks to Kyra Wood and Johnny Seymour.

Watch and enjoy, and make sure to listen to their previous single ‘Light Me Up‘.