New Music: Alejandro Meola & Robinsones – ‘Purple’

by music is what feelings sound like

Zrzut ekranu 2015-06-15 o 21.44.59Alejandro Meola made my dreams come true and it feels like he’s been hiding in my closet, sneaking up on me and – most of it all – tracking my Spotify and listening history. The style of his music strongly reminds me of my beloved Father John Misty and Devendra Barnhart (he actually feels like the mixture of those two and James Bay), whose albums I’ve been constantly listening to, on repeat, day and night, for the past couple of weeks (months?). More than that, Alejandro looks like a long-haired superhuman to me, and he has the song called ‘Purple’

Thank God purple does not remind me of Justing Bieber, but of Prince and his golden years.

Well, I love this song. It’s something unusual and new, yet so well-known and just beautiful. I love getting to know new artists and listening to their music and feeling as if I knew them for years. But it’s just my personal thing.

Alejandro Meola & Robinsones will be releasing an EP called First Impressions. It’s out July 15th and I think you know what will be my no. 1 release for the next weeks around that time.