New Music: Sloes – ‘Swan Song’

by Olga Knapinska

Sloes pressI feel like this tune is perfect to start the summer season on my blog.

After weeks of absence, I am finally able to fully devote myself to all the musical activities, including listening to all the lovely submissions and posting them here; and there’s no better way to make my day than sending me songs like this one.

‘Swan Song’ by Sloes is at the same time a little bit reserved and really absorbing. The song comes from their Chasing Tails EP, released end of May.

And I love it. Their style slightly reminds me of all the indie, prog rock or new wave acts that rule every festival’s lineup year after year, and I get a little bit emotional thinking of all the days and nights spent on trying to reach the front row just to go crazy as close to the stage as possible.