New Music: Wicca Woo – ‘Ten Times to Sunday’

by Olga Knapinska

Zrzut ekranu 2015-05-13 o 21.00.36There is something especially intriguing about this song. This tune is at the same time a masterpiece on its own, but seems a little undone and the feel of incompleteness left in my head after listening to ’Ten Times to Sunday’ makes me wanna explore the whole Wicca Woo’s discography, lives, and move in with them for a couple of weeks just to understand their way of seeing the world through music.

Good news for anyone who feels the same way I do – their upcoming EP will be out May 26th (very soon!), and I will at least get some more undone, beautifully composed music from them.

But for the time being, make sure to listen to their previous track, Detached’. Captivating and so unusual!