New Music: Alex Burey – ‘Come Over’

by Olga Knapinska

Alex Burey_new_smlI feel like if this tune was a child, it would be the most miserable kid that I’ve ever met. The one that cries a lot, doesn’t talk too much, but after years of being unnoticed, something brakes and opens inside of him and, let’s say artistically and musically, he happens to be the most interesting creature that ever lived.

I have to admit, not only the delicacy of this composition made me think about such things. It was also Alex Burey’s wailing vocals that made this song spectacular in my ears. Well, if ’Come Over’ alone makes me so speechless, I want to know how his upcoming EP will make me feel. Family Stone EP will be out June 13th.

In the meantime, I recommend visiting his Soundcloud profile and listening to every single track on there. Several times.