New Music: Benbrick – ‘Perfect Ending’

by Olga Knapinska

Perfect Ending CD 4 webDo you have that special artist who lives in your heart and you know that he will never disappoint you? You don’t? Now you do.

Benbrick is definitely my favourite example of talent, modesty, and awesomeness, and I would love to have so much of his music to feature it here every single day.

Take a moment to listen to his phenomenal tune ’Perfect Ending. The delicacy of this composition makes me fall in love with this world even more. Just imagine – there are people on this planet who are as talented, musically and emotionally, as this man! How insane is that?

And after falling in love with this track, make sure to get to know one of my favourite songs ever posted on this blog, that is Benbrick’s amazing, captivating Forever Holding On’.