Watch Now: Pim Stones – ‘We Have It All’

by Olga Knapinska

image-2I feel as if I was in a completely different dimension right now. Dimension, where artists like Pim Stones are treating us with their excellent, quality releases every single day. And where they don’t even have 1k likes on Facebook. But that’s the reality, which doesn’t seem real to me.

Listen to this gem and ask yourself — isn’t We Have It All’ one of the greatest debuts that you’ve heard in your entire life? It is! The greatest! It doesn’t only sound, but also looks good. It goes together with an excellent music video.

It is a titled-song taken from his upcoming EP. Believe me, this release will blow your mind. It certainly blew my mind, and all I think of now is — who the hell is responsible for this!? I want to meet them and marry them right now.

Now go and like his Facebook page. Follow him on Twitter. Do all these things, so he writes, records, and releases MORE.