Queen Beetch on Domino.fm

by Olga Knapinska

Zrzut ekranu 2015-03-24 o 12.32.54

Hello everyone! I have got great news today. It’s definitely not my usual kind of post, but I thought you may want to know that Queen Beetch has been added to the list of music blogs and sites on Domino.fm and from now on you can follow my blog’s feed on there!

It’s an online app that works in your phone’s browser and will be a great place for your online music discoveries. You can choose feeds from blogs, sites and music magazines that will suit you and your taste in music. All you have to do is register using your existing Facebook or Rdio account. Then you can create playlists, read posts and articles, search blog and band profiles.

This could be your favourite place to go to for new music discoveries.

Give it a try if you like to look for new music online and let me know if you follow me on Domino.fm!