New Music: Chaz Langley – “Devilish Eyes”

by music is what feelings sound like


Beautiful people make beautiful music. You can also easily recognize a beautiful person by the rhythms and melodies that they like, and Chaz Langley with his brilliant song “Devilish Eyes” truly makes me feel unique in that way!

This extraordinary track, taken from his self-titled EP, which will be out June 10th, is a pure delight to listen. Melodic male vocals blend perfectly well together with the smooth choir in the background and multi-leveled ground that “Devilish Eyes” is based on. The singer himself introduces it as a seductive song, written to describe the intense want for a woman who’s playing hard to get – would any lady be able to reject sincerity and confidence represented by such a handsome, charming man? Charming man who sings like a god and devil at the same time, making these few minutes of your life a pure pleasure.