The Kooks Are Still Alive And Doing Better Than Expected

by music is what feelings sound like

Zrzut ekranu 2014-03-15 o 10.43.05It’s a real treat to see and experience how time flies. Your favourite bands split up, the ones that you considered crap are even more bizarre, and the ones that you though you knew – change beyond recognition. 

I haven’t written a single thing about The Kooks on here in the past I believe, just because there was no living proof for me that they’re actually alive and making music, but as you may already know or not – they surprised everyone recently with the release of a very… unusual song, I’d say. I’ve heard people complaining and crying, and on the other hand screaming out of happiness and joy. The very obvious truth is that “Down” represents a completely different direction, but I think it’s the best way they music after their 2011 album Junk Of The Heart could go.

Normally, when a band decides to change the sound I know it’s inevitable, it’s the natural order of things, but it’s a known fact that these experiments are often really bad. This time I truly believe that The Kooks have made a right decision – I can’t wait to hear their fourth studio album. They apparently know what will sell and how to make people interested. Besides, “Down” is just really freaking good. Oooh, how I missed them!