First Listen: Mansions on the Moon (+ Free Download)

by Olga Knapinska


Electronica is not my gender to-go when speaking of chilling in the sounds of lovely music. I appreciate how it changed the music, brought in the diversity, and I really adore some electronic artists that definitely had a strong influence on a younger generation – but that’s basically it.
You probably won’t find me desperately seeking for this type of melodies when I’ll be searching through Spotify or Soundcloud. The moment when I heard “It’s Not Too Late” for the first time made me regret that I don’t do that.

Mansions on the Moon are great, and if you need straight facts to believe that, I’ll give you a hint – Pharrell Williams was a producer of their 2013 Lightyears EP. Boom! I’m starting to feel bad that I haven’t heard their music earlier.