music is what feelings sound like


New Music | Jimmy – “Jimmy”

This really is something unique. Despite my inner resentment towards more theatrical songs, this one proves me wrong, and I’m so happy to be wrong this time. With his quirky confidence, Jimmy managed to create a song that’s not only catchy but also game-changing under some circumstances – and I hope this ends up as a movie soundtrack sooner than later.



Watch Now | Yehan Jehan – “Tired One / Light Speed”

“Tired One / Light Speed” is a track taken of off Yehan Jehan’s Expansions EP. Unusually smooth and atmospheric, it almost feels magical – and the visual itself can take you on a pretty exciting journey, too.

New Music | Tors – “Wilder Days”

“Wilder Days” by Tors. There’s not much thinking to be done here, this piece just makes me feel so good on a Sunday morning (and we’re talking 6am Sunday morning!), which sounds like the most precious miracle of my life. It’s inspiring! And I have a feeling that it also has that timeless indie vibe to it that will make listening to this in five years as exciting as today.

Watch Now | Danica Hunter – “Diamond”

British singer/songwriter Danica Hunter was a true hero for me during the last few weeks of 2017 – and in December she released “Diamond”, which is just the most delicious starter for the main course that she should be serving us this year… which I cannot wait for.

New Music | Kraków Loves Adana – “American Boy” + “Rapture”

If I had to define Kraków Loves Adana or recommend it to someone whose taste in music I respect more than mine, I would send them these two pieces. “American Boy” and “Rapture”, which are the two most recent ones from this band, win my heart not only with their ever-changing yet always amazing sound, but also branding that makes me feel alive every time I see their visuals, pictures; it’s the way they allow listeners to experience music in a visual and digital form. And I am even writing this while in Kraków, where listening to Hamburg-based Kraków Loves Adana feels weirdly appropriate.

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New Music | Josiah & the Bonnevilles – “Swing”

A recent one from Josiah & the Bonnevilles – and a great follow-up to “Lie With Me”, which appeared on the blog back in September. “Swing” does seem like one hella atmospheric and complete piece, but still leaves a lot to one’s imagination – perhaps trying to wake up our interest in their debut album – which was supposed to be released last Fall, but not sure what happened to that. Well, at least we get new, mesmerising tracks every now and then, and I am perfectly happy with that.

New Music | Courtney Marie Andrews – “May Your Kindness Remain”

Courtney Marie Andrews is BACK and sounding better than EVER. I should apologize for excessive amounts of excitement that I’m experiencing, but this really is one of the coolest tunes that could happen to me at the beginning of this year (any year, really). “May Your Kindness Remain”, other than being a freaking awesome song, is also a titled-track for her upcoming album, out March 23.

Watch Now | BOKEH – “Great Heights”

If amazing tunes are now enough for you, here’s one that is accompanied by an equally engaging and fascinating visual that will for sure get you. “Great Heights” is a track off of B O K E H’s debut Don’t Leave the Fire EP, which I recommend to everyone wanting to experience the delicacy and uniqueness of Chloë Lewer.

New Music | MALMØ – “You”

One of the coolest tunes of the end of last year. The truth is, MALMØ’s song “You” is a treat in itself, a brilliant piece to accompany one in their downtime, as well as to boost one’s creative process – which is what I have been using it for.

Watch Now | Hannah Epperson – “40 Numbers”

My first tune of 2018 published on here belongs to Canada’s Hannah Epperson. Her delicate, ethereal, emotional, touching, and beautiful in its shape and form composition “40 Numbers” is exactly how I wish this year was. Accompanied by the amazing and sensual visual it’s a lovely way to start a year.

Hannah will be releasing her new album Slowdown on February 16, 2018 (Listen Collective) – and you guessed it right, I freaking cannot wait to hear it from start to finish.

New Music | Nick Shattuck – “Darlin”

A tune that I absolutely adore – and I can say the same thing about Nick Shattuck. His rough yet heartwarming vocals make it sound so warm and so worth listening to this piece over and over and over again… If this won’t make it to your ultimate year-end playlist, I don’t know what will.

New Music | VISSIA – “I Wanted”

The year’s nearly over, but I still can’t get my head over all the amazing releases that we got to hear and experience in 2017. Especially these last Fall/Winter months have brought us some amazing tunes, which I haven’t had a chance to share here just yet – until now. Let’s see what I’ve been into recently…

First of all, here’s Canada’s VISSIA with “I Wanted”. It’s a beautifully upbringing and positive tune that one so desperately needs in the moments of sadness and frustration; Christmas shopping, when you need to spend way too much time with the family, and when the annoying uncle (or even worse – your grandma) won’t shut his mouth about your love situation. Yeah, tunes like this one from VISSIA definitely help with that.