music is what feelings sound like


New Music | Paper Hawk – “Written In The Lines”

Taken from Paper Hawk’s upcoming The Tide EP, “Written in the Lines” is the most magical first track that I could’ve come across from any upcoming act, ever. Atmospheric and painfully beautiful, it just gets you every time; the lyrics, its structure, depth – even if you’re not into this kind of music most of the time, suddenly, it all makes sense when this piece comes on, doesn’t it?


New Music | Grand Courriers – “Help For Myself”

I like comebacks just like this one. The first (and last!) time I featured Grand Courriers on here was three years ago when they had just released “Table Talk“. And it’s amazing to see how far they’ve come in terms of style evolution at the same time being able to keep up with their older tunes, making the new ones as engaging and captivating.

New Music | Westrin & Mowry – “Cold Rain”

Music rooted in the past isn’t something I usually go for when it comes to new releases. It doesn’t feel revolutionary or unique enough sometimes, and sometimes it just appears boring in comparison to all the modern genres and styles.
That’s why it’s even more special to me when I find a track like Westrin & Mowry’s “Cold Rain” that brings back the good old days with its warm and universal sound. It helps to refocus, reorganise, rethink. And a solid reset is something everyone needs once in a while, I guess I should call myself lucky for being able to do it with such cool tunes on my side.

New Music | Big Fox – “Sad Eyes”

This is the kind of tune that appears on your Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and after just one listen, you’re lost and in love with every aspect of it. Sadness and nostalgia filled with the purest form of hope possible; that’s how I’d describe how “Sad Eyes” makes me feel. But haven’t I just described life?

Watch Now | Conor Gains – “I Know”

Modern and straightforward approach to sound is what I instantly loved about Conor Gains’ “I Know”. Both the song and the video are of a simple form, which leaves so much room for experimenting with audiovisual elements and even lyrics, something Conor seems to be doing just right. Sensual, delicate, yet decisive and innovative.

The track comes from his debut album Compassreleased this year.

New Music | Emma Miller – “Wasteland”

Truthfully, Mondays have never felt better. Here’s one spectacular tune to start the week! Even though it’s not one of those pieces that will energise and wake you up, it’s worth supplementing it with a delicious cup of coffee in order to take a moment off, refocus, and listen to Emma’s angelic voice all at the same time. It’s a debut that makes this artist one of the most promising acts of this year.

New Music | Erin Rae – “Bad Mind”

Even though I’ve been familiar with this artist’s existence and I’ve even heard a couple of her tunes before, “Bad Mind” is the first one that felt like an instant hit for me – was I deaf before?, I’m asking myself now. The truth is, and I’m telling you this right after searching for her Spotify artist profile and giving all of her tunes a listen, the vibe’s just great and it does feel like I truly was deaf, but emotionally rather than physically, it feels like. But hey, better late than never, right? And! Her new album will be out June 8, which is

But hey, better late than never, right? And! Her new album will be out June 8, which is – of course – a release that I cannot wait for now.

New Music | Riike Mo – “Desperate”

One of my favourite pieces of this season, Riike Mo’s “Desperate” has proven itself to be a truly universal piece that changes its colours based on your surroundings. And yet, no matter what situation or mood you’re in, it’s a perfect fit. A true chameleon – both in its vibe and sound – which hopefully is only a sneak peek of what’s to come from this artist.

Watch Now | Come On Live Long – “Little Hedgehog”

I like to start my week with tunes that are of the more delicate kind, tunes that are sweet and warm yet give a powerful statement. And Come On Live Long’s “Little Hedgehog” is exactly that, with the vocals that capture a truly unique atmosphere and want to be relived many more times (guaranteed by putting the song on repeat, highly recommended!). The track comes from their In The Still album.

New Music | Wake Child – “Don’t Fall in Love”

It’s unusually hard not to fall in love with the vibe of this track. Atmospheric and smooth, it puts one in a summery, carefree mood that I’m always trying to avoid yet it gets me every time – party because of sound gems like this one. Wake Child did a fantastic job with their fourth single!

New Music | Emilie Mover – “Walkin’ Through”

Emilie Mover – that’s the name to remember this year. Make it permanent in your diary, notebook, calendar, decorate it with beautiful ornaments and delicate lines just like she decorates her songs and, therefore, our lives. “Walkin’ Through” feels exactly like that to me – as if I was the lucky one who just won the lottery and was let inside the most beautiful, angelic garden that human eyes can see. Have a listen:

New Music | Mendeleyev – “If I Can’t Be Free”

A tune that’s been rocking my whole world recently. Take your time to actually listen to this one and hear what the artist wants to say with it – “If I Can’t Be Free” is a beautiful piece taken off of Mendeleyev’s upcoming debut album Juxtapositions and a follow-up to my all-time favourite track of his, “Pure“.