music is what feelings sound like


New Music | Kraków Loves Adana – “Never Quite Right”


After appearing here with a mesmerising visual for “False Alarm”, Kraków Loves Adana are back with yet another beautifully dark and enigmatic piece.

“Never Quite Right” is taken from their upcoming album, Call Yourself New, which will be out March 24.

New Music | Cattle & Cane – “Make Your Vision”


I so love these small follow-up posts on artists who have appeared here in the past. Cattle & Cane are one of them, and were on here previously with “7 Hours“. This time they’re showing a different side of their sound, which is still equally optimistic and very welcoming.

Watch Now | Danica Hunter – “Typical”


If you’re in a mood for some modern Amy x Lily vibes straight from Britain, Danica Hunter is exactly what you need. Her take on the urban sounds is groovy and very promising.

New Music | Rosie Carney – “Awake Me”


Ever since I heard about Rosie Carney and her mesmerising piece “Better Man“, which was somewhere in June of last year, I instantly knew I’m gonna love every single piece that she releases. I did have to wait what seems to be an eternity for “Awake Me”, but I can’t be mad – just hit play and listen to this delicate beauty of a song.

New Music | Evil Astronaut – “Orbit Berlin”


It’s sensual, warm, and so addictive. The sound of Evil Astronaut will, hopefully, be by my side for much longer than the duration of this song, as it’s one of the most relaxing and soothing pieces that I’ve experienced in a while. It takes the simple listening process and turns it into a feeling.

New Music | Jamey Geston – “Malibu”


Love song dedicated to the city of Malibu. If that place looks, sounds, and feels just like this lovely gem, it is safe to say you’ll be able to find me there during my next US adventure – it’s just so dreamy.

Watch Now | Rosie Tucker – “Beautiful Machine”


If you ever find yourself stuck in the world that’s just painfully real, too real, my guess is that you need some Rosie Tucker in your life; just look at the magical space and listen to the beautiful story that she tells through this visual.

New Music | Mama Ghost – “So Close”


Some acoustic beauty for those who plan on having a peaceful, relaxing weekend; the warm Americana vibes of Mama Ghost are like a lullaby for one’s ears.

New Music | COTE – “Cruel”


Another amazing artist who’s definitely not a newbie here; and one that I can always count on. Starting with “London” and then going for “Green Light“, now it’s time for “Cruel” to shine. What’s more to come? A full-length, hopefully.

New Music | Swimming Tapes – “Cameos”


London’s dreamiest sound. They’ve already proved to be one hella cool band when they released “Set The Fire” and then completed it with a cool video. The time has come to make things more chilled with “Cameos”:

New Music | Courtney Marie Andrews – “Rookie Dreaming”


Courtney Marie Andrews is one of those artists, whose albums are just utterly unique. They have that retro and classic, but modern and timeless feel to them and, well, are a dream to have and put up on your shelf among some of your all time favourite LPs.
I already expressed my love for this sound a while ago when “Put The Fire Out” was released, and now Courtney is back on here with some more glorious music, making me so damn sure that the first thing I am going to do tomorrow is going to a record shop and getting a copy of Honest Life.

Watch Now | moon:and:6 – “Welcome to Space”


Atmospheric and spacey electronica from Canada. Especially important during full and new moons, but equally entertaining with other phases of the moon.