music is what feelings sound like


New Music | Seafret – “Blank You Out”

15138531_1203423373061802_6724668273197828374_oAhhh! Seafret! Hands up who remembers “Oceans“? Ever since it appeared on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist again a couple of months ago, I’ve been listening to that one all the time. Swear to God. That’s why a new one from this lovely duo is like honey to my ears. I-want-more.

New Music | Doll Duncan – “Love Light”

The kind of music that’s on the more mainstream side, but still represents all the values important to the ones who feel nothing but hate and disgust towards consumerism. On a less serious side, I just think that she has a voice so warm and soft that it’s a crime not to stop for a second to listen to it.

New Music | Josin – “Oceans Wait”

artworks-000193823678-uvejg6-originalGermany’s Josin. She’s just been signed to Dumont Dumont and opened for RY X during his European tour. She also released her atmospheric song “Oceans Wait” last month, a piece that makes me feel as if a dark, deep, cold but full of emotional warmth ocean was surrounding me in my own living room. Best feeling possible, eh?

Watch Now | Tom Misch – “Watch Me Dance”


New Music | Bamik – “Chasing Heights”

15078784_373538059656234_4526152446823291434_nIn a mood for some mandolin? Bamik is truly one of the artists who can brighten up the day instantly. Make sure to like him on Facebook before the whole does (which can happen so freakin’ quickly, can’t you tell?).

New Music | Birthday – “Parade”

12022428_956055284511401_9034501863262149731_oIt’s December now and the new music hype is slowing down for the Christmas season, but I am about to go wild on all the tunes released last month. Birthday’s opening this very unofficial series of all the atmospheric, smooth bits and pieces with one of the coolest soft indie pop that I’ve heard in a while.

New Music | Delagoon – “Visions”

15123156_1831796423732009_568626447407190433_oPunk version of dream pop. Both styles are very much recommended and respected. Delagoon takes and mixes them both, and is one of the very few on the Scandinavian scene to do so. Paired with this cover art that very much reminds me of the NYC’s club kids from the ’90s – I’m bying it.

Watch Now | Louis Baker – “Fade”


New Music | The Bloom – “In The Sky”

15123416_1142094692535004_2277303302178849112_oPieces like this make me think that British-Australian music projects are the ones that I have to look for now, after being obsessed with purely Aussie sound for years now. New trend. Amazing sound. The Bloom.

New Music | Lea Thomas – “Want For Nothing”

artworks-000188295207-zht1i3-originalEnd of a year always feels like it’s a perfect opportunity to reflect on what has passed. It’s also THE time of a year when artists come back to me through their new sounds, making me feel nostalgic and old, just because I usually remember their tunes from when they only had 200 followers, and now they’re touring Europe with their own photographer… Well, thankfully, Lea’s previous piece “Phenomena” was featured here not even 2 months ago, but – damn – I’ve missed her.

New Music | Pace – “Foolish”

artworks-000192620925-yfmxxh-originalHa! Hands up who remembers Pace and their debut piece “Heartbeat“. Now, with the Christmas just around the corner, they seem just perfect for a holiday-themed house party (or just drinking some wine while packing presents, who cares). But, thank God!, their music will feel as nice in February, April, or in the summer.

Watch Now | Hannah Sumner – “How To Stop”