music is what feelings sound like


New Music | Band Of Gold – “I Wanna Dance With You Again”

My favourite piece of this week. Both subtle and confident, it welcomes a new form of dancing to my life, where it’s not only my body moving but also my soul and my mind, making listening to this track oh-so-special. This is a beautiful introductory song to start your journey across Band Of Gold’s releases with, which is exactly what I’m about to do right now.


New Music | William The Conqueror – “Tend To The Thorns”

Classic and warm vocals, soothing structuring, and smoothly developed vocals – that’s how this tune sounds like to me. It’s one of the singles from William The Conqueror’s album Proud Disturber Of The Peace, which was released in August and can be streamed on Spotify, which I highly recommend to all those trying to make a final list of their favourite 2k17 releases.

New Music | twiceyoung – “Change Your Love”

Second single from Philly-based twiceyoung’s upcoming Uneven Kind EP, out October 20. A beautiful blend of delicate and vulnerable vocals with soothing instrumentation that surprises and adds so much emotions to one’s everyday existence, even though it’s modest and rather introverted in its form.

Watch Now | Geoffroy – “Coastline”

There’s something soothing and reassuring about Geoffroy’s track “Coastline”; it doesn’t only covers current trends, but also makes me weirdly at peace with my current musical choices. It’s also a titled-track off of his debut 2017 album, which you can stream on Spotify – and let me know your thoughts afterward. I can’t be the only one affected by it in such relaxing way, can I?

New Music | The Khanz – “Wolves”

It’s Sunday and it seems like the summer hasn’t forgotten about this part of Europe just yet, which is as rare as the probability of spotting a naked girl with dino head on the streets. Luckily, The Khanz fill in that existential gap with their happy sounding track “Wolves” and a pretty cool album cover.

New Music | Young Mister – “Infinite Space”

Take a moment to listen to Young Mister’s new track “Infinite Space” and get lost in its delicate nature. This kind of softer approach to sound is all I could ask for during such a gloomy day; let’s hope their upcoming Soft Rock EP (out Oct 27) will bring us equally engaging and soothing sounds.

New Music | Tipling Rock – “A Side / B Side”

Let’s welcome Tipling Rock on the blog once again! Their track “A Side / B Side” is, for me, the ultimate memory of the summer that’s over but still very much vivid in my imagination; and makes a beautiful continuation to “Low Tide Love” and “Campus Fashion” that appeared here previously – make sure to check ’em out as well.

New Music | Wy – “Gone Wild”

How pointless and boring this world of music would be without this one! To this day, I find myself intrigued and in love with many of Wy’s tracks, including “I Don’t Pretend” and recently released “You +I”, which are forever saved on my Spotify’s favourite playlist; time to get lost in a new sound represented by the song “Gone Wild”. A more subtle and delicate approach to sound, described by Wy as “the most personal song I’ve ever written (…) about everything I fear and everything I doubt”.

New Music | Lunacre – “Bletchley”

Fall is one season that makes me unusually sentimental about the past. Going back and experiencing, once again, how the world sounded a year or two ago can be healing, or simply interesting – just like this track from UK band Lunacre. Space elements mixed with soft vocals and a cool release to back it all up is all I need right now. Listen to other pieces from this group and make sure to check out their Schtum EP – old but gold.

New Music | Kyle Emerson – “Dorothy Alice”

Indie folk at its best; this time, with the coolest cover art that my eves have seen in long, long days. But don’t be fooled by its seriousness – “Dorothy Alice” is an easygoing piece and the best introduction to Kyle Emerson’s debut album with the same title. Released earlier this month, you can listen to the record on Spotify.

New Music | The Wooden Sky – “Deadhorse Creek”

“Deadhorse Creek” is a track taken from The Wooden Sky’s 2017 album Swimming in Strange Waters. With its familiarity and warmth, it’s just a perfect tune for any occasion, and could easily be your next favourite band when it comes to great folksy sounds.

New Music | Sure Sure – “Hands Up Head Down”

New one from Sure Sure. Positive and somehow cosmic, “Hands Up Head Down” is a great mood-brightener for the cold and gloomy days that are just so frequent recently.