music is what feelings sound like


New Music | Jordan Klassen – “Housefly”

With the Christmas season approaching rapidly, it’s important to take care of the balance in your playlists. Especially those who are not willing to get into the Christmas spirit just yet should go through all the amazing Fall releases again – myself included. That’s why my tune for today is a lovely folky track from Jordan Klassen – whose new album Big Intruder was released back in September.


New Music | Audio Dope – “Floating”

A truly magnetic, not to say spectacular piece of mostly minimal electronica from Basel’s Audio Dope. Very rarely I get to listen to such engaging Swiss pieces (or, pieces by any artist from Switzerland, really), and knowing that their current national stylistic could sound like this makes it feel even more special and exciting.

New Music | Genevieve Dawson – “I Know What You Are”

Soft and charming, Genevieve Dawson’s voice feels like a rainy day spent in bed to me; one that’s followed by a surprisingly productive and active day full of adventures and optimism. The track “I Know What You Are” comes from her debut Things My Mother Tells Me EP, released earlier this year.

New Music | Dark Horses – “XIII”

UK’s Dark Horses are back with a new, atmospheric, and nicely mysterious single “XIII”. The single will be out Nov 24 – hopefully, it’ll be an equally magical and atmospheric day that’ll easily keep up with the intensity of this gem.

New Music | Didirri – “Jude”

“Jude” by Didirri is a truly spectacular track. Touching on subjects that are not easily spoken about by many artists, it exposes the artist’s vulnerability and emotional nature, which is why we’re here, listening to all these songs, aren’t we? We want emotions and we’re given just that, and more, here. Make sure to read a note about this track on Didirri’s SCloud – it’ll make you think.

New Music | August Rosenbaum ft. Coco O. – “Credo, Pt. II”

A beautiful reinterpretation of August Rosenbaum’s original track “Credo”, remade by himself, with some sick vocals by Coco O. added to it – and it feels like with that he just reinvented the whole songwriting and composing structure for me, changing my world completely.
The track comes from August’s upcoming album Vista, out Nov 24.

Watch Now | Men I Trust – “I Hope To Be Around”

Who doesn’t love them? Men I Trust have proven many times that they are, with no doubts, a band to look up for, one that will give you both inspiration and satisfaction. Atmospheric and even to some extent psychedelic, “I Hope To Be Around” is a perfect representation of their ethereal and unique style.

New Music | Thomas Reid – “I’ll Still Fall”

Some people have all the Dylanesque tunes out there. Meanwhile, I always long for that -esque, Buckley-esque to be exact, vocals and emotions. It’s the first and last thing that comes to my mind when I listen to this piece – delicate, full of pain, and sadness. Not sure how Thomas Reid will come up with an equally engaging follow-up single after a track like this, but I so hope he will. Full-length Fall out now.

New Music | Dustin Price – “Tomorrow”

Final track from Dustin Price’s debut Sleep It Off EP. A touching mixture of soft sounds and vivid emotions with rich and clear vocals; a perfect piece to get deep into Dustin’s music.

New Music | Novo Amor & Ed Tullett – “Terraform”

There’s never enough Novo Amor in my life, I had always thought. Now I know that one thing that I cannot live without is Novo Amor AND Ed Tullett combined; a duet that has appeared here before with their magnificent track “Silvery“. This new piece entitled “Terraform” comes from their upcoming album Heiress, out this month – what a month to be alive!

Watch Now | Steve Benjamins – “Purification Ritual”

Steve Benjamins’ single “Purification Ritual” is one badass tune. I think he’s achieved what many try to do with a song – the track is universal, catchy, yet still unusually nicely done and produced, making it appealing to both indie and commercial audiences. I think everyone can find a little something for them within this one that will speak to them, and move them.

Make sure to listen to Steve’s recently released tune “A Hammer Fell From the Sky“, a “companion” track to this lovely single.

New Music | Sam Valdez – “It’s Alright”

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems like Sam Valdez has just won my heart with her atmospheric and highly addictive track “It’s Alright”. This LA-based singer-songwriter delivers a sound that is charming, filled with warmth, feminine energy, and feels strongly promising – hopefully, there are more tunes like this to come.