music is what feelings sound like


Watch Now | junior a – “sleep machine”


Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here tonight… because it’s the moment that I have been waiting for ever since this piece joined my blog queue. I can honestly say that “sleep machine” is the grooviest, the best, the most unique piece that I’ve come across in 2017. This could belong to Berlin’s scene, it could also easily be recognised as London’s underground scene… I hope this year will continue to sound like Lithuania’s junior a, bringing me joy and unlimited amounts of great music.

(And after you’re done with this one, make sure to check out “guess you are real“)

New Music | Seeing Hands – “It’s True”


Let’s make the world around you feel like summer again! – that is what my mind and my body scream when I listen to Seeing Hands. I can’t wait for the warmer months where flowers and trees are blooming and humans can be most likely found sitting under those trees, dreaming of scenarios that will never happen, but that are so magical and charming… just like this beautiful piece.

New Music | Men I Trust – “Plain View”


Men I Trust is yet another band that I know I can always count on; especially and mostly after their banger tune “Lauren” that they released last summer. With “Plain View” – finished just before their 2016 China tour – they prove that the ethereal, magical, atmospheric sound is something that’s in their blood for good.

New Music | Bad Wave – “Daniel”


3AM“, “Night School“… If I started mentioning every single Bad Wave song that is worth your and my attention, adding honest commentary to that, I’d run out of time today. Let music speak for itself – here’s “Daniel”, one of their recent pieces and one of my all time faves from them, but if you want to be extremely-super-up-to-date with the band, they’ve just released another tune, “Time To Get Lost“, a couple of days ago.

New Music | B.Miles – “Running”


There’s fusion cuisine that combines what’s best in different traditions, and there’s fusion sound, which does the same with the musics from all over the planet. I couldn’t imagine a better contemporary and independent example of that – here’s B.Miles with “Running”.
For the ones who have not experienced this artist’s genius yet, I recommend taking a look at some of the previous pieces that I featured: “Nine Matches“, “Shaking Hands“, and “Salt“.

New Music | DYVE – “Half Awake”


This is the kind of electronica that makes my heart warmer and my soul satisfied. Similar to what James Blake or RY X have been doing with their sounds lately, DYVE fills in that enormously important hole, which can be seen as an urgent need of the same kind of melodies, but with a more underground, undiscovered feel to it. Listen to his debut piece below.

New Music | Faintlife – “Will I Get Your Love”


There’s not much that I know about Faintlife, but if all of their tunes have that simple yet complex, diverse and colourful vibe that goes on in “Will I Get Your Life”, I’m all for it. The tune comes from their upcoming album, so for now I recommend getting to know their 2015 debut, U V.

Watch Now | Le Trouble – “How Was I To Know?”


New Music | Anne Hall – “Have They Told You”


Before this, never have I ever listened to Anne Hall, but it seems like she could easily become one of my go to, quality artists whose tunes come back to me every couple of months, and I get lost, again and again.

Watch Now | Molly Burch – “Try”


New Music | Psychic Love – “Red Sun”


I can easily say that my relationship with Psychic Love’s music is pretty steady, and they haven’t had a chance to dissapoint me with their sound yet.

From “The Weekend” to “Ultralight” to “Dye Pack“, it is “Red Sun” that makes me the happiest. Maybe because I’m just a sucker for their new tunes, and the fresher the song, the more excited I get.

New Music | Robbing Millions – “WIAGW”


Coming from completely different, unusual backgrounds, Robbing Millions represents a weirdly fascinating group of musicians, who make every second spent on listening to their music worth it. “WIAGW” is delicate yet decisive, modern yet representing the old school of edgyness, and it’s those kind of combinations that would make it such a unique addition to everyone’s day.