New Music: Meeka Kates – “Closure”


If you visit my blog regularly, you probably know and remember this charming young man, Meeka Kates. He used to be one of my favorites First Listens back in April and now he’s back! How exciting is that?

It always makes me really happy and proud when an artist that I’ve been looking out for in the past makes hella good music. But what’s even better, the talented ones won’t stop impressing me with the skills and hard work that they put into it.
You can hear it clearly in Meeka’s recently released song, “Closure”. It’s really energetic and catchy, settled down and well-thought-out at the same time, and leaves you with the feeling that you would like to listen to this again and again. I adore people and creations filled with passion – and thankfully I found lots of them in this one.

 Check out his previous work and don’t forget to support him on Facebook!

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