Watch Now: Redder – ‘Let Us Get Out’

Zrzut ekranu 2014-11-28 o 19.52.31Why haven’t I heard them before? Redder, indeed, connects everything what’s ethereal and what’s best in Finnish music scene, without being silly just like all these Scandinavian DJs who I truly can’t stand (it makes me feel really good to know that that part of the world has more to offer than techno/house/electronic mass sounds).

I’m extremely happy that bands like this exist, making music that heals emotions, and ‘Let Us Get Out’ is the most precious example of that.

Watch Now: Reigen – ‘Come Back To Me’

Zrzut ekranu 2014-11-28 o 18.41.54Reigen Miller hasn’t been a guest of mine on here yet, but both his name and his face sound and look extremely familiar to me. I must have seen him or heard his music in the past, and the fact that I remember that is glorious – because in the end all that matters is how well people remember you.

But his tune ‘Come Back To Me’ feels heavenly anyway, and I love the thought-out, but a little un-done aesthetics of this creation.

New Music: Nao – ‘Adore You’

Zrzut ekranu 2014-11-27 o 16.00.15Fourth track by Nao in the history of this blog must be the sign of her great talent. Or my unhealthy obsession. Or both.

As much as I adore the first three ones (Back Porch‘, ‘Good Girl’, ‘So Good), ‘Adore You’ , also a track from her debut EP, feels special to me and represents all the inner emotions that are being woken up whilst listening to her music, and experiencing her unusual style. It’s addictive, give me more!

Get Nao’s So Good EP via iTunes or on vinyl right now.

Watch Now: Tom Prior – ‘Bad Advice’

Zrzut ekranu 2014-11-25 o 21.54.18Excellent track from the London-based artist Tom PriorIt is a titled song from his Bad Advice EP, and makes a great follow-up to his previously released tune The Altar.

He’s such an amazing artist with some quality music, and – I hope – great future ahead of him. And if you want more, you can also check out his captivating Sofar London performance of ‘Bad Advice’.