New Music: Part Time – “Merchandise”

Zrzut ekranu 2014-08-31 o 00.23.49I hate the word merchandise as much as I love Part Time‘s tune with the same title. In fact, “Merchandise” represents that side of wavy rock pop that is actually really sweet and makes you feel sentimental about certain things in your life. It’s unusual, it has that vintage feel into it, I can almost feel the gentle touch of this sound on my back. And you know what, I wish this was one of the tracks on the soundtrack of my life.

New Music: She Keeps Bees – “Owl”

Zrzut ekranu 2014-08-28 o 23.42.32Couple months ago I got introduced to this really cool, mysterious, magical NYC-based band She Keeps Bees. I still can’t wait for the official release of their album Eight Houses, which will be out September 16 (and I tell you, it really is spectacular and amazing!).

Now they released the song “Owl”, which in my eyes (and ears) is the perfect refection of how their upcoming LP will sound like. The essence of their sound, closed in one phenomenal tune.