New Music: DEATHS – “Sold”

1653701_879772218701157_4606773126008229089_nFinally I get to listen to some exciting, unusual music, which is not only about the pretty melody line and lyrics, but also about experiencing music as if it was the most important part of our human existence. And it is! I like to feel the connection between me, as a listener, and the artists, and I like to think that we both breathe music in the first instance.

And this feeling is really, really strong while listening to DEATHS awesome tune “Sold”. It’s some quality music with an amazing sophisticated twist to it.

New Music: Liza Anne – “Room”

unnamedI knew that I know this girl! Liza Anne‘s name sounded too familiar to be heard by me for the first time. Then it hit me – back in July I went to see fyfe at The Social in London, and she was there, performing and making me fall in love with her voice! Back then I also told you that I was definitely going to track her music career, and now came the day when I got a press release about her new single “Room”.

I still find her just unbelievably talented, with great future in this business ahead of her, and her music breathtaking; delicate and just perfect. And maybe, just maybe one day I will be able to tell my grandchildren – “listen, I knew about her before Liza Anne was a thing“. You know, and I will be cool like all these people posting scans of £1,80 worth tickets to Pink Floyd shows from the mid 70s on Tumblr…

New Music: D.I.D – “Hotel”

unnamed (1)Did you know that Dog Is Dead is no more… Dog Is Dead? I have no idea why they changed that lovely name, but it’s now too cool to write - D.I.D, formerly known as Dog Is Dead – to be crying over that change (“The artist formerly known as Prince” - do you now see the reference and understand why it’s so cool to use that phrase? Yeah, me and my Prince obsession).

However, along with shortening the name, they dropped out a new single few days ago! “Hotel” was released November 10, and I really enjoy this track. It’s different from Teenage Daughter” or Glockenspiel Songyet still fascinating. I’m definitely curious where these changes are taking them, and what will follow next is a big question. But I’m sure it will be at least (furiously) worth listening & buying.