New Music | Easy Kill – ‘Not Even Lovers’

Manchester has some really great new music to offer right now. Just listen – ‘Not Even Lovers’ by Easy Kill. It’s their new single and it’s just exceptional. Here the previous one here. … Continue reading

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New Music | TUSKA – ‘We Could Be Alone’

A song for every Tame Impala fan out there (the trend is strong and not going anywhere, and I like that). You just got another great band to worship, Brighton’s … Continue reading

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New Music | Porches – ‘Car’

‘Car’ by Porches. In other words, a real treat before Friday, when his new album will be released. Make sure to listen to other tunes from Pool via Domino’s Soundcloud.

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New Music | Dancing Years – ‘Neon Lights’

“Neon Lights” by Leeds’ Dancing Years. Add this piece to your favourites right now. It’s such a timeless, exceptional song. P.S. Who remembers ‘Learn To Kiss‘? Go check out that one too.

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New Music | Marsicans – ‘Arms of Another’

Just listen and look how this business of great music should be done. Marsicans and their new single + video for ‘Arms of Another’ (I think you can download the track for free … Continue reading

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Watch Now | Hey Sholay – ‘Ribcage’

Is it my first blog entry in 2016? Well, at least it’s a good one. Check out Hey Sholay and their brilliant piece ‘Ribcage’. The visual is pretty sick, the song is stuck … Continue reading

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New Music | Repato – ‘Porcelain Girl’

Everyone, this is an official announcement — I have found myself a new Fyfe, but with a little wild, mysterious, modern twist. And I love him so. Meet Repato and listen to his … Continue reading

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New Music | Tempesst – ‘Tidal Wave’ + ‘Too Slow’

Wow. They’re super cool and after hearing their two pieces that can be found on Soundcloud, I want them as my friends. Right now. Australian twin duo Tempesst makes music … Continue reading

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New Music | Tuska – ‘Fine’

Despite being a busy bee these days, I just had to take my laptop and share this tune here with you. Going through thousands of unread emails is a fairly exhausting, but … Continue reading

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New Music | CRSH – ‘Hit and Run’

Need some powerful tune to wake you up? This track by CRSH will work just fine. Substitute for coffee. Motivational anthem. You name it!

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New Music | Mainland – ‘A Bit Out of Time’

New piece from NYC’s Mainland. Such lively, slightly nonchalant tune that reminds me a bit of The Killers’ best years in the industry. Nice way to start off this week. ‘A Bit … Continue reading

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New Music | Ben Millburn – ‘Don’t You Wait’

A lovely piece taken from Ben Millburn‘s upcoming Strange Love & Consequence EP. If that whole release is going to sound like ‘Don’t You Wait’, I’m pre-ordering it now. It’s just a perfect and peaceful guitar-led … Continue reading

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