New Music: James Bay – “Let It Go”

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Don’t be fooled by this title, because – fortunately – it has nothing to do with Disney’s Frozen.

However, James Bay‘s “Let It Go” is as exciting for me as that Disney song was for possibly half of the population, including children and teenagers. The story behind his track is even more appropriate when we realise that it could strongly affect anyone, since break ups and amorous disappointments are almost inevitable in every person’s life – and he makes the best out of his experiences, giving us such beautiful, touching sounds.

Do you want to listen to more James Bay’s charming voice?

Song of the Week: Lorde – “Ribs” — Live @ Coachella 2014

Zrzut ekranu 2014-04-14 o 11.03.14Yes. It happened. I feel like I am always the last person on Earth to fall for somebody’s music and performances, but this time I’m not even mad, I don’t even care.

If you live in Europe and Coachella is not close at all for you, you probably understand my point of view. YouTube broadcast have been the only Coachella connection for me so far, which from what I remember was of course also great, but not as great as being there physically; and I also remember Jake Bugg being my favourite artist last year. This time, it’s Lorde (maybe because I haven’t seen Muse yet, but maybe because she really, really is born to be on stage – which she definitely showed it that night).

Despite the fact that her full performance was my favourite this year and it was too good to choose just one moment, there was this one song that got stuck with me really bad. It was obviously “Ribs”the one that – just like she explained – Lorde wrote after some party that she threw at her parent’s house, which to be honest is the one thing that I don’t see being any kind of aspect of adulthood, but well, it’s not even important having in mind how amazingly brilliant and stunning she was singing and talking to the people.

Oh, how I wish I had been there. (Skip to 4:15 to hear the song)

New Music: Hydrogen Sea – ‘Court The Dark’ EP

Zrzut ekranu 2014-04-12 o 22.08.08To this day I clearly remember the excitement that filled my heart after listening to Hydrogen Sea‘s excellent song “End Up”, which happened to be featured on my blog at the end of December.

Now they are back, doing better than expected, with a brilliant EP that will likely rock your world, just like it did to me. Court The Dark is the band’s debut release, dropped out March 31st. It features five extraordinary, smooth, musically beautiful tracks — including my personal favourite “Wear Out”. Do not wait any minute longer, listen to this magical masterpiece now!

Quiet Life – ‘Wild Pack’ (2013)

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01 Record Time02 Devil’s Kin  — 03 San Luis Obispo04 Wild Pack
05 Come On, Come Back06 Skin and Bones07 New London08 Losin’ All My Common Sense09 Low Blues

Have you ever felt like leaving everything behind you for no special reason? Would you like to experience something extremely different? Unique? If so, I feel like you should bring Quiet Life‘s brilliant album Wild Pack on a journey with you.

The record starts with this beautiful, relaxing, bluesy track “Record Time” and goes from being a coherent piece, to making you all emotional and sentimental. It is likely to bring into your life the feeling of a carefree joy, represented by a really lively sounds of “San Luis Obispo”, and when it will be moving towards the end, you’ll start to realise that, actually, everything sounds better accompanied by a harmonica.

However, my absolutely favourite track from Wild Pack just needs to be “Come On, Come Back”, no. 5 from the CD, where amazingly clear yet complicated and rich vocals stand out, and hit you right in the face with its splendid sound.

Listen on Spotify or buy the album via iTunes, and go see them on their 2014 summer tour!

First Listen: Cheers Elephant – “Peoples”

Zrzut ekranu 2014-04-10 o 21.13.08From Philadelphia to L.A., and from Russia to Canada – Cheers Elephant‘s music video for the song “Peoples” represents an amazingly cool variation on a lyric video with a retro hint to it, making these 4 minutes of my existence really fun and exciting.

The track comes from their 2012 album Like Wind Blows Fire, which you can buy via their Bandcamp profile, just name your price and enjoy the music!

New Music: Josh Record – “For Your Love”

Zrzut ekranu 2014-04-10 o 20.31.47Any Josh Record related news can brighten up my day. When I accidentally visit some of his social media sites, I like to stay there for few minutes, just to feel that peaceful, amazing atmosphere; because Josh is one true artist who seems to put his very own feelings and emotions in every single song that he has released so far – and I wish all of us the same when it comes to our life and our work.

“For Your Love” is a brilliant and extraordinary masterpiece, which, after “Bones”, assures me that Josh is definitely the right person in the right place (in my headphones, i.a.).