New Music: Robbie Miller – “Sunday”

Zrzut ekranu 2014-10-20 o 23.51.27It’s not Sunday, not even close to the next one, but today’s prize for the most delicate and peaceful song just needs to go to Robbie Miller and his beautiful debut single “Sunday”.

It makes me so quiet on the inside. And when the fact that he’s Australian is in the picture, it’s even more delightful, because all Sundays are so warm and sunny in Australia, aren’t they? (Please, lie to me if they’re not.)

New Music: Alex Vargas – “Solid Ground”

Zrzut ekranu 2014-10-14 o 14.03.36Ladies and gentlemen, I may have found the king right now. Who could have though that Alex Vargas, who came to London from Copenhagen, would do miracles like this one. Powerful, amazingly melodic vocals that go perfectly with the overall sound of the track, first class production, magical feelings. I love people who know what they are capable of and who are not afraid to show it!

“Solid Ground” is a lead track off of Alex’s upcoming EP, out October 21. I won’t sleep that day, I’ll be listening to this release all night long.