New Music: The High Learys – “Clear My Mind”

Zrzut ekranu 2014-10-23 o 01.57.16Are there any senior readers on here? I mean, 50+? If so, they surely love or at least remember the great vibe that 1960’s established. Cute boys with their guitars, even cuter choirs in their positive, sunny songs, The Beatles boom, beautiful carelessness in music.

And, in fact, did you know that even these days a band imitating and band that’s inspired by the 60’s can be so damn authentic and amazing? The High Learys will take you to the most amazing decade of them all with their tune “Clear My Mind” today. Aren’t they just oh-so-cool?

New Music: Robbie Miller – “Sunday”

Zrzut ekranu 2014-10-20 o 23.51.27It’s not Sunday, not even close to the next one, but today’s prize for the most delicate and peaceful song just needs to go to Robbie Miller and his beautiful debut single “Sunday”.

It makes me so quiet on the inside. And when the fact that he’s Australian is in the picture, it’s even more delightful, because all Sundays are so warm and sunny in Australia, aren’t they? (Please, lie to me if they’re not.)