New Music: Tokio Hotel – “Run, Run, Run” from ‘Kings of Suburbia’

Tokio Hotel 2014 - CMS SourceThere are people and places that make us feel safe. These things, even if they’re no longer in our life, are and always will be magical. And finally, there are bands with music that no matter how hard you try not to think about it, you just can’t.

The inner Tokio Hotel fan from 2005 that apparently still lives inside of me is screaming right now. It’s madness, because even though music is what feelings sound like, I never expected a band that had vanished into oblivion 4 years ago to make me feel so sentimental, emotional, and secure. And now I’m sitting here, listening to Tokio Hotel’s newest song for the 100th time, and completely loving it!

“Run, Run, Run”, the first single from their forthcoming studio album ‘Kings of Suburbia’ is really delightful. Impressive. Different and unusual, which in this case means nothing but brilliant. Extraordinary. Bill’s high notes are mesmerizing, and his voice sounds better than ever before. Tom and his piano are making a perfect whole. Now forget about their debut album ‘Schrei’, forget about the ballads on ‘Zimmer 483’ and forget about ‘Automatisch’ with its spectacular European tour – this album will be groundbreaking, and “Run, Run, Run” with the sensual, intimate music video directed by G. Fellini is the best example of that.

And you know what? Tomorrow they’re releasing a second song & video from the album! How exciting is that right now?

Kings of Suburbia’ will be out October 3, and right now you can pre-order it on iTunes and get “Run, Run, Run” instantly!

New Music: Nick Raven – “Nineteen Fifty Three”

Zrzut ekranu 2014-09-08 o 21.31.34New Zealand definitely has some strong indie artists to be proud of these days! Nick Raven, being obviously one of them, brought me to life with his phenomenal single “Nineteen Fifty Three”, and you know what’s the best about this track?

You can download it for FREE from Nick’s Bandcamp profile. However, I’d highly recommend making some donations, even the small ones.

New Music: Pianos Become The Teeth – “Repine”

Zrzut ekranu 2014-09-08 o 18.08.23Pianos Become The Teeth‘s upcoming album Keep You will be out October 28 (on my birthday, what a wonderful and beautiful gift for me!), but for the time being I’m completely satisfied with only one of their tracks – the artistic, dramatic and ear-catching “Repine”. Take a listen, and then pre-order their record.